** Journals with electronic access through Northwestern Library

General Interest Journals:

Journal of Finance **

Review of Financial Studies **

Journal of Financial Economics **

Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis **

Financial Management  **

McKinsey on Finance

Specialized Journals:

Journal of Portfolio Management **

Financial Analysts Journal **

Journal of Investment Management **

Journal of Financial Markets **

Journal of Trading

Journal of Wealth Management **

Journal of Alternative Investments **

Journal of Derivatives **

Journal of Fixed Income **

Journal of Investing **

Journal of Private Equity **

Journal of Structured Finance **

Journal of Risk **

Journal of Behavioral Finance **

American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) Journal

Journal of Asset Management **

Working Papers:

Social Science Research Network

Student Clubs & Conferences

Public Markets:

Investment Management Club (Full Time)
Investment Management Club (Part Time)

Sell Side Research, Sales and Trading, Private Wealth Management:

Investment Banking Capital Markets Club (Full Time)

Investment Banking & Finance Club (Part Time)

Private Equity and Venture Capital:

Private Equity and Venture Capital Club (Full Time)
Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club (Part Time)
Private Equity and Venture Capital Conference

Distressed Investing:

Distressed Management Club (Full Time)
Turnaround Management Conference

Real Estate:

Real Estate Club (Full Time)
Real Estate Club (Part Time)
Real Estate Conference