Introduction to Self-Assessment

Self-assessment is one of the foundations of successful career management. Whether you plan to change careers or stay on the same track, first assessing your interests, priorities and abilities is essential. There are numerous self-assessment tools available on the market. Listed below are several options to consider.


Offered to Kellogg alumni at a substantial discount, this comprehensive self-assessment tool is one of the most effective for careers in business. Developed by two counseling/psychology professionals at Harvard Business School, CareerLeader is used by more than 250 business schools and universities globally. It provides information about your interests, values and abilities, and then links the combination of these three to specific careers in business including brand management, consulting, investment banking, private equity/venture capital, etc.

CareerLeader also includes specific information on 21 different careers. Once you’ve taken the assessment, you’ll have access to information on the site for two months. The CareerLeader self-assessment will take approximately two hours to complete. It is not necessary to compete all three sections at one time, but you must complete each section in its entirety so the results can be saved. Results are available online after you have completed the assessment, and you can email your results and schedule a free appointment with one of the alumni career coaches to discuss your results.

Explore the program through the "guided tour" feature. If you choose to use CareerLeader use the Order link at the top of the page and enter the discount code kellogg-ALUMNI when making your purchase.

Self-Assessment Work Plan

The Self-Assessment Work Plan is an exercise created by a team of Kellogg’s career management professionals, designed to help alumni gain clarity on that “next step.” A four-page spreadsheet with exercises and questions focusing on likes/dislikes, topics that engage, personal factors, board of directors and an ideal job description, the work plan has helped dozens of alumni further focus and plan what’s next.

Hundred Jobs Exercise

The Hundred Jobs Exercise is excerpted from the book "Getting Unstuck" by Timothy Butler of Harvard Business School. This is a great starting point to think through the types of jobs that engage you.

Additional options to research and consider:

StrengthsFinder (CliftonStrengths)
This online assessment helps you identify your top five strengths and can be purchased.

The MBTI test is available online for $49.95, or you can opt for personal feedback from an MBTI certified professional for $175.

This website offers an array of affordable self-assessments on leadership, emotional intelligence and decision making, personality profiling and leadership 360°.