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History of Board Service:

  • Minds Matter Chicago, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors, 2013-present (2011-2013 while in KBF)
  • MDA Toast to Life MN, Steering Committee Member, 2006-2017
  • A Toast to Life, for ALS Research; Committee Leader, 2007-present

Sean Moran came to Kellogg with a purpose: to focus on education opportunity. He credits this passion to his father, who worked in the nonprofit sector for his entire career, and his wife, who is a teacher. “My vision for my post-Kellogg career centered around somehow helping transform the paradigm of education to better reach (all) human potential, something I believe is possibly the single greatest equalizer for people of all walks of life,” he says.

The Kellogg Board Fellows program seemed the perfect complement to his passion for the education space. Moran was excited to work with an organization, and have an impact at the strategic level using his unique set of skills.

Moran was matched with Minds Matter Chicago, a volunteer-based organization with a mission to transform the lives of high-school students from low-income families by broadening their dreams and preparing them for college success. He was immediately drawn to the organization’s mission and structure. “It was clearly an organization that drove very real, tangible impact in a relatively focused set of disadvantaged students,” he says. “The organization quickly took me under its wing and gave me the platform to bring forward new ideas as it looked to mature and stabilize growth in only its fifth year as a chapter.”

For Moran, the Kellogg Board Fellows program was the cornerstone of his Kellogg experience. “The hands-on experience in a sector I felt passionate about directly led to an ongoing role post-Kellogg, and set me up for a lifetime of impactful service,” says Moran.

The entrepreneurial culture at Minds Matter Chicago fit Moran perfectly — so well, in fact, that the organization’s leaders invited him to join as an official board director upon his graduation. Today, he serves as vice chairman of the board.

Sean Moran
Golub Capital Board Fellows Program Nonprofit / Minds Matter Chicago

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