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History of Board Service:

  • Built Oregon, Board Member, 2017-present
  • Green Canopy Homes, Board Member, 2014-2017
  • Net Impact Portland Professional Chapter, Board Member, 2011-2015
  • Young Musicians and Artists, Board Member, 2004-2007

Nathan Kadish ’09 has a long history of commitment to service and social impact. He grew up volunteering regularly at his local library and community soup kitchens, spent his school years participating in civic clubs and working on child health-insurance policy for the California legislature during college. In his early 20s, he spent time as a grassroots advocate for public education.

Kellogg proved to be the perfect next step in his social impact career. “I attended Kellogg to build my business acumen so that I could bring more financial and organizational insight to the social sector organizations I work with,” he says.

Upon arriving at Kellogg, Kadish seized every opportunity to become involved in the social impact community. He worked with the Net Impact Club, created the Sustainable Business Club and helped organize impact investing programs and coursework for his peers. “The Kellogg Board Fellows program was a fantastic complement to these other activities, providing a practicum for applying the new frameworks I was learning.”

Although Kadish had served on a nonprofit board before coming to Kellogg in 2009, the program allowed him to refine his board governance skills. This experience affirmed his interest in board service after graduation and helped him to be savvy about where he could add the most value.

“KBF enabled me to become more strategic about how I select the boards I participate on. The board selection exercises we did to select our fellowship were invaluable.”

Headshot of Nathan Kadish, alum of Kellogg's Golub Capital Board Fellow's program
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