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History of Board Service:

  • A Better Chicago, Founder and current Board Chair, 2010-Present
  • Big Shoulders Foundation, Board Member, 2010-Present
  • Civic Federation, Board Member, 2015-Present
  • Civic Consulting Alliance, Board Member, 2017-Present

Liam Krehbiel’s family always put civic engagement as a top priority. His parents served on a variety of boards in Chicago, which inspired his prominent career in board service. “For me, they set the expectation that it’s my responsibility to give back,” he says. “This meant investing both my time and resources in causes that are important to our community.”

The Board Fellows program was one of the main reasons Krehbiel chose Kellogg. “I was really excited to learn how nonprofit boards operate and the role of a board member,” he says. “Kellogg Board Fellows provided me with a great mix of academic and experiential learning.”

Krehbiel was matched with the DuSable Museum of African American History. Working for such a large, prominent museum in Chicago proved to be a great fit for Krehbiel’s career aspirations. He became deeply involved in the work of the board, and was able to contribute to the strategic planning surrounding the DuSable’s expansion efforts and capital campaign.

As the current chief executive officer of A Better Chicago, Krehbiel still leverages the lessons he learned from the program to his daily work. “I’ve applied much of what I learned to building A Better Chicago’s board,” he says. “This includes setting clear expectations about the board’s role and structure. Additionally, my experience with Kellogg Board Fellows help me appreciate that board members can contribute in a variety of important ways, whether it be their time, thought leadership or resources, to help the nonprofit become successful.”

Headshot of Liam Krehbiel, alum of Kellogg's Golub Capital Board Fellows program
Golub Capital Board Fellows Program Nonprofit / The DuSable Museum of African American History

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