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Janice C. Eberly

Research Interests: Capital budgeting and real options; intangible capital and technology; household finance, portfolio choice, and consumption
Portrait of Janice C. Eberly, Faculty at the Kellogg School of Management

Janice Eberly is the senior associate dean for strategy and academics, the James R. and Helen D. Russell professor of finance and former chair of the Finance Department. Before joining the Kellogg faculty, she was a faculty member in finance at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

“Kellogg has been a terrific platform for both leadership and research within the school and also externally,” says Eberly. “Internally we have always had an open-minded culture for research. Colleagues within different departments talk to each other.”

One of the things Eberly appreciates most about the unique culture at Kellogg is how colleagues help one another to succeed. “That’s what makes a special organization — when the standards are high and you elevate people who join you. It makes us better,” she says.

Professor Eberly served as the assistant secretary for economic policy at the U.S. Treasury from 2011 to 2013 after being confirmed by the U.S. Senate. In that capacity she was the chief economist at the Treasury, leading the Office of Economic Policy in analysis of the U.S. and global economies and financial markets and development of policy recommendations on micro and macroeconomic issues.

About Janice
Home Base
Evanston, Illinois

PhD, Economics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

BS, University of California, Davis

Prior Professional Experience
Assistant Secretary for Economic Policy and Chief Economist, U.S. Treasury
Fun Fact
When I joined the Treasury Department, Kellogg and Northwestern were incredibly supportive and helped make it possible. It really enriched my experience that I could bring to the classroom. It was a catalyst for new research topics.
Memorable Kellogg Experience
It’s the accumulation of small things that make the Kellogg culture special. For example, the finance faculty has traditionally had lunch together. You just grab your lunch and talk about your research, your work, your class. It’s a small practice, but it’s part of a great culture.
Kellogg is a liberating place for research. It is satisfying to do your work here because you feel part of a community. People listen to each other and provide feedback; everyone’s work is better as a result.
Janice Eberly

Professor Eberly's research focuses on finance and macroeconomics. Her work studies firms’ capital budgeting and investment decisions and household consumption and portfolio choice. She also examines the interaction of these spending and investment choices with the macroeconomy.

At Kellogg, Eberly says, “There is support for many different types of research. Kellogg is an open and nurturing environment for people to think about new issues.”

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