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Current Board Members

Board Chair: W. James McNerney, Jr.
Senior Advisor
Clayton, Dubilier and Rice
  • Roslyn M. Brock ’99 MBA
    Chairman Emeritus
    NAACP National Board of Directors
  • Marion Cameron-Gray
    President & CEO
    Sipi Metals Corp.
  • Fernando Chico ’76 MBA
  • Bernard Dallé ’96 MBA
    Retired Partner
    Index Ventures
  • Scott Davis ’89 MBA
    Chief Growth Officer
  • Justin Dean ’08 MBA, MEM
    Managing Director & Partner
    Boston Consulting Group
  • Deborah L. DeHaas
    Corporate Leadership Center
  • Scott Dorsey ’99 MBA
    Managing Partner
    High Alpha
  • Ann M. Drake ’84 MBA
    Founder and President
    Lincoln Road Enterprises
  • Craig J. Duchossois
    The Duchossois Group
  • Lisa Earnhardt ’96 MBA
    Executive Vice President
  • Robert A. Eckert ’77 MBA
    Operating Partner
    Friedman Fleischer & Lowe
  • Tarek Elmasry ’94 MBA
    Senior Partner
    McKinsey & Company
  • Alexandre Emery ’97 MBA
    Former Partner, Chairman of Asia      
  • Scott H. Filstrup ’65, ’67 MBA
    The Consultants Limited
  • T. Bondurant French ’75, ’76 MBA
    Adams Street Partners, LLC
  • Stephanie Gallo ’99 MBA
    Chief Marketing Officer
    E. & J. Gallo Winery
  • Christopher B. Galvin ’73, ’77 MBA
    Blythebourne Capital LLC
  • Daniel Gamba ’97 MBA
    President, Asset Management
    Northern Trust
  • Matthew R. Gibson ’01 MBA
    Head of Investment Banking Client Coverage
    Goldman Sachs
  • Michael Gross ’87 MBA
    SLR Capital Partners
  • Grant Gund ’97 MBA
    Managing Partner
    Coppermine Capital
  • Vinita D. Gupta ’92 MBA
    Lupin Limited
  • Promod Haque ’74 MS, ’76 PhD, ’83 MBA
    Senior Managing Partner
    Norwest Venture Partners
  • Bridgette Heller ’83, ’85 MBA
    Co-Founder and CEO
    The Shirley Proctor Puller Foundation
  • Betsy Holden ’78 MS, ’82 MBA
    Paine Schwartz Partners
  • Barbara Hulit ’91 MBA
    Retired, President and CEO
    Advanced Healthcare Solutions Segment
  • Marene Jennings ’04 MBA
    Managing Director, Asset Management Division
    Goldman Sachs
  • Guilherme Johannpeter ’00 MBA
  • Kip Kirkpatrick ’94, ’97 MBA
    Co-Founding Partner and Co-CEO
    The Vistria Group
  • Harry M. Kraemer ’79 MBA
    Executive Partner
    Madison Dearborn
  • Margery Kraus
    Founder and Executive Chairman
    APCO Worldwide
  • Suresh Krishna ’99 MBA  
    President & CEO
    Northern Tool + Equipment
  • Ellen Kullman ’83 MBA
    Chair of the Board
  • Richard H. Lenny ’77 MBA
    Operating Partner
    Industrial Research Institute
  • Lawrence F. Levy ’66, ’67 MBA
    Managing Partner
    Levy Family Partners
  • James H. Lowry
    Senior Advisor
    The Boston Consulting Group, Inc.
  • Matthew McCall ’91 MBA, ’92 MEM
    Founding and Managing Partner
    FORGE Capital LLC
  • Stephen C. McLaughlin ’00 MBA
    Bain & Company
  • Clare Muñana ’89 MBA
    Ancora Associates
  • Haruo Naito ’74 MBA
    President & CEO
    Eisai Company Ltd.
  • William A. Osborn ’69, ’73 MBA, ’18 H
    Retired Chairman & CEO
    Northern Trust Corporation
  • Jay Owen ’94, ’03 MBA
    Managing Partner
    Dom Capital Group
  • Pradip Patiath ’96 MBA
    Senior Partner
    McKinsey & Company
  • Stephen J. Reyes ’13 MBA, ’13 JD
    Reyes Beer Division East, Reyes Holdings, LLC
  • James Reynolds, Jr. ’82 MBA
    Chairman & CEO
    Loop Capital Markets
  • Sheli Z. Rosenberg ’66 JD
    Roselin Investments
  • E. Scott Santi ’94 MBA
    Chairman and CEO
    Illinois Tool Works, Inc.
  • Nicholas Severino ’94 MBA
    Retired Vice President and CFO Apple Retail
    Apple, Inc.
  • Keech Combe Shetty ’99, ’06 MBA
    Executive Chair
    Combe Inc.
  • James A. Star ’89 MBA
    Executive Chairman
    Longview Asset Management
  • Charles A. Tribbett, III
    Managing Director
    Russell Reynolds Associates
  • W. Anthony Vernon ’82 MBA
    Retired CEO
    Kraft Foods
  • Frederick H. Waddell ’79 MBA
    Retired Chairman of the Board
    Northern Trust Corporation
  • Alan K. Warms ’92 MBA
    Founder and Principal
    Participate Capital LLC

Life Members

  • Salman Amin ’85 MBA
  • Adolfo l. Autrey ’70 MBA
    Superlog, S.A. de C.V.
  • Shumeet Banerji ’90 MBA
    Retired CEO, Booz & Company
    Co-founder and Partner, Condorcet, LP
  • William J. Brodsky
    Cedar Street Asset Management LLC
  • Dennis H. Chookaszian ’65
    Retired Chairman & CEO
    CNA Insurance Cos.
  • Edith W. Cooper ’86 MBA
    Retired Partner and Global Head of Human Capital Management
    Goldman Sachs
  • W. James Farrell
    Former Chairman & CEO
    Illinois Tool Works, Inc.
  • Matthew Feldman ’86 MBA
    Retired President & CEO
    Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago
  • James S. Frank
    Executive Chairman of the Board
    Wheels, Inc.
  • Mark Goldston ’78 MBA
    Chairman and CEO
    The Goldston Group
  • Ellen R. Gordon
    Chairman and CEO
    Tootsie Roll Industries, Inc.
  • J. Douglas Gray
    Vice Chairman
    Marshall Street Capital
  • Eric Hanson ’79 MBA
    Senior Managing Director, Financial Institutions Group
    Macquarie Capital Advisors
  • David G. Kabiller ’85, ’87 MBA
    Founding Principal and CFA
    AQR Capital Management LLC
  • H. John Livingston ’93 JD, MBA
    Verve Industrial Protection
  • John W. McCarter, Jr.
    Former President
    The Field Museum
  • Albin F. Moschner
    USA Technologies
  • Michael H. Moskow
    Vice Chairman and Distinguished Fellow, Global Economy
    Chicago Council on Global Affairs
  • Homi B. Patel
    Former Chairman, President & CEO
    HMX, LLC
  • Leland Pillsbury ’82 MBA
    Chairman, Thayer Lodging Group
    Senior Advisor, Brookfield Global Lodging
  • John Rau
    President & CEO
    Miami Corporation
  • Larry D. Richman
    President and CEO
    CIBC Bank USA
  • Gordon I. Segal ’60
    Managing Partner
    Prairie Management Group LLC
  • Larry E. Shulman
    Operating Partner, Strategy
    Arcline Investment Management
  • Scott C. Smith ’76 MBA
    McCormick Foundation
  • Alan F. Sussna
    Former President & CEO
    Delta Career Education Corporation 
  • Miles D. White
    Executive Chairman
    Abbott Laboratories
  • Tadahiro Yoshida ’72 MBA
    Corporate Advisor
    YKK Corporation & YKK AP INC