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Daniel Gamba ’97 MBA

As co-head of Fundamental Equities for the world's largest asset manager, Daniel continues to draw upon his Kellogg experience to lead in an industry where the only constant is change.

Originally from Peru, Daniel Gamba decided to pursue his MBA at Kellogg to not only expand his area of expertise in new functional areas, but also to expand his horizons beyond Latin America.

“I was already working in Colombia, Brazil, Peru and many Latin American countries, and I wanted to become a global citizen,” Daniel reflected. “And that's what Kellogg allowed me to do.”

What Kellogg also gave him was the foundation to become an expert combined with the soft skills to connect, interact and succeed. “The hard skills are important, but over time they become a commodity,” Daniel explained. “You can absolutely leverage them from other people. The important part is to know those skills, to be able to extract those skills from people who will become better experts.”

He says it’s knowing how to leverage those skills that will be your biggest asset in building and growing a new company, or building new capabilities to succeed in the world.

Daniel also appreciates that Kellogg gave him so many experiential learning opportunities to connect with people from different regions and different upbringings. He credits these experiences with helping him grow from being a specialist in a particular region to becoming a specialist and a leader of different specialists ⁠— a leader of leaders.

About Daniel

President of Asset Management, Northern Trust

Kellogg Leaders: Daniel Gamba ’97 MBA, President of Asset Management, Northern Trust

Hear from Kellogg alum Daniel Gamba on how Kellogg helped him become a leader of leaders in the constantly evolving financial industry.