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Your introduction to Kellogg’s unique culture

Get to know your future classmates in a global setting before embarking on your Kellogg journey. The Kellogg Worldwide Exploration Student Trips (KWEST) program is a popular pre-orientation tradition at Kellogg. Designed to immerse incoming students in Kellogg's culture and values, KWEST participants embark on group trips before the commencement of classes. This initiative is led by second-year students and supported by the Office of Global Experience. KWEST embodies Kellogg's student-driven leadership ethos and provides participants with one of multiple Kellogg opportunities to foster a sense of community before the official start of the academic journey.

KWEST Program Mission 

To facilitate an intentionally inclusive experience where incoming students engage deeply with a core group of classmates, second year mentors, and Kellogg’s guiding principles through novel, shared experiences in a global setting. Participation in KWEST will inspire accountability, awareness of self and others, the pay it forward culture of Kellogg, and leave a positive, lasting impact on all involved. 


Students spell "Kellogg" with their bodies on a sandy beach.


The KWEST experience

KWEST takes place in August before pre-term orientation. Groups of 20-24 trip participants (“KWESTees”) travel with rising second year student leaders on cultural, community-bonding, and adventure excursions across 30+ destinations. Student leaders spend nearly a year planning and training in conjunction with the Office of Global Experience for the experience.

Recent destinations

KWEST trips take place in over 30 countries across 5 continents and are determined each year based on a variety of factors (i.e., global safety and security, pricing, visa accessibility, and student interest). KWEST 2024 destinations including Brazil, Kenya, Puerto Rico, Slovenia, Thailand, Türkiye, and more.


Special KWESTs

The Office of Global Experience offers several “special” KWEST trip options to accommodate students with a variety of needs.

  • Mini KWEST: Trips that leave one weekend free to accommodate scheduling conflicts on the weekends surrounding the program.
  • Accessible KWEST: Trips planned from start to finish to be accessible for students with a range of disabilities. Please reach out to if you would like more information about these offerings.
  • Domestic KWEST: Trips that take place within the United States and U.S. territories for those who want a visa-friendly option or would prefer to travel domestically.

Learn More about our Offerings

Hear directly from students about their KWEST experience in News + Stories interviews.

There are a variety of ways to connect with your peers before matriculating to Kellogg beyond KWEST. Unable to attend and/or not interested in KWEST? Check out some of Kellogg’s other pre-term options such as Culture Camp or Experience Chicago.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • KWEST takes place during the second half of August every year. These dates differ slightly each year based on pre-term programming for incoming students. In 2024, KWEST trips will take place between August 23-31. 
  • Round #1 of registration will take place between May 1-3. Information regarding registration and upcoming trips will be shared with incoming students 2 weeks before registration takes place.

    Round #2 of registration will take place between June 5-7. This round will be for late admissions, those joining Kellogg from the waitlist, and anyone who did not register for KWEST in Round #1.

    Incoming students will only register during one round of KWEST.

  • No; a spot is not guaranteed on KWEST. The number of spots on KWEST fluctuates each year, and while we aim to strive to provide spots for all who register, there is typically a small waitlist if demand exceeds the number of registrants.

    If waitlisted, the Office of Global Experience will provide additional information about the waitlisting process.

  • The number of trip participants varies depending on the year, however, here are some general metrics for typical trip participation each year:

    • Number of trips: 32-38
    • Number of leaders per trip: 5-6
    • Number of first-year participants per trip: 20-24
  • In 2024, most KWEST trips will cost between $3,300-3,800. This includes roundtrip airfare, lodging, meals, and group activities. A small number of trips are more expensive but will not exceed $4,100. 

    All KWESTees will pay a non-refundable $640 deposit at the time of registration. 

    Please note the total advertised cost of trips does not include optional out of pocket expenses for souvenirs, snacks, and/or additional nightlife.

  • Yes! Joint-Ventures (significant others) of Kellogg students may participate in KWEST both as trip participants and leaders. JVs may only participate with their student. More information about how to sign up for KWEST with your significant other is provided directly to incoming students.
  • No; we require all KWESTees to travel to and from their destinations with their group to ensure safety and keep travel costs and coordination consistent.
  • Our travel provider partners can provide proof of airfare, lodging, and Global Experience can provide a letter of support and travel health insurance.

    Kellogg does not cover the cost of visa applications, and it is the student's responsibility to apply for your visa in a timely manner.

  • Rising second year leaders spend much of their first year at Kellogg preparing to lead KWEST trips. Leaders complete training sessions on community building, risk and safety, accessibility, and cultural competency to make KWEST a safe and enjoyable experience for all incoming students.
  • Big Reveal is a unique tradition in which trip participants are asked to keep certain aspects of their identity private for the first days of KWEST, such as:

    • Their hometown 
    • Their work history prior to Kellogg
    • Their undergraduate college/university

    The goal is for participants to connect with each other beyond the surface-level commonalities that they may share. Midway through the trip, leaders organize a “Big Reveal” event for participants to share these markers and connect through their shared identities through the remainder of the trip.

  • Yes, the KWEST team provides trip offerings and accommodations for all trip participants. Please reach out to to learn more about our offerings for students with disabilities and getting accommodations for KWEST.
  • Kellogg offers several options for student leaders to engage in the Kellogg community if you choose not to participate in KWEST. Culture Camp and Experience Chicago are two popular options.