Interview Reservations

Interview dates for both full-time and internship positions can be reserved through the Career Management System (CMS) for Employers. Requests submitted from May 1 - 14 will be part of our first batch of scheduling. Any requests submitted after May 14 will be scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Note: There is no need to submit employment information (job descriptions, etc.) while requesting interview dates.

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Guidelines for Reserving Interview Dates

Full-time and Internship Dates
You may sign up for both full-time and summer internship dates. In filling out your interview reservation requests, keep in mind that you will need to complete separate requests for full-time and internship positions. You may enter as many requests as needed.

Multiple Divisions/Functions
Complete one request form per job. For example, if you are recruiting full-time and internship hires for each of two different functions, you will need to complete 4 forms (one full-time function A, one full-time function B, one internship function A, and one internship function B). You may enter as many requests as you need.

Recruiter Availability
Please confirm the availability of your recruiter(s) before requesting dates. Start and end times for standard Kellogg interviews are noted below.  If you need to make changes to the start or end time of your schedules, please notify your Employer Relations contact prior to inviting candidates to interview.  

First-round Interviews on Two Consecutive Days
If you wish to hold interviews on consecutive days, please make a note of that in the Comments for CMC/Unavailable Dates box. You will then fill out the form to reflect what you would like on the first day and we’ll mirror your request for the following day.

Rotating Interviews
If you would like your candidates to meet with two interviewers separately during their scheduled time, please click “yes” next to "Rotating Schedule" on the reservation form. For rotating interviews:

  • There must be an even number of schedules requested as recruiters are paired in order to facilitate the rotating format.
  • The number of schedules requested should be the same as the number of recruiters you will be sending.

Number of Interviews
Below are the numbers of interview slots that make up one schedule for each different interview length. (Please make your reservations for the number of schedules you want, not the number of interview slots.)

Schedule Template

Slots per Schedule

Start / End Times (Central)

30 minutes


8:15 – 4:15

45 minutes


8:15 – 4:15

60 minutes


8:15 – 4:45

30 min. rotating 

7* / 14

8:00 – 4:30

45 min. rotating

5* / 10

8:00 – 5:00

*The rotating format always requires you to request an even number of schedules. Above is the number per individual schedule. For 30-min rotating interviews, there will be 14 candidates across 2 schedules. You would never request one schedule if you’re using the rotating format.

Next Available Date
If your requested interview date choices are not available, we will assign you the next available date. (We cannot accommodate every request in the first two weeks of recruiting.) If there are dates or days of the week you cannot interview, please note them in the Comments for CMC/Unavailable Dates box.

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