Kellogg Can Facilitate an Interview Experience

Kellogg can facilitate an interview experience that best connects your organization with Kellogg talent, whether that is on or off campus.

Virtual / On-Campus Interviews

These interviews are partnerships between your organization and the Career Management Center. By utilizing the Kellogg system, you gain access to students and an easy interview scheduling process. The Career Management Team manages the communication and scheduling process for student applicants.

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Manage Invites & Schedules

Each week of on-campus interviews constitutes an interview “Round” (not to be confused with a candidate progressing through a singular company’s rounds in the interview process). The Round in which your company’s on-campus interviews are scheduled will determine deadlines associated with your interviews.

Interview requests and invitations

Students will submit interview requests through the Career Management System (CMS) for Employers. You will be able to view these requests through the system. The system allows you to view, print and forward the cover letters and resumes of interested students.

Once you've determined the candidates you want to invite, they can be marked as invited through the system, up to the number of slots you have available. The CMS will indicate how many slots you have based on the number of schedules, and length of interview. (See charts below.) To invite candidates who didn't apply through the system, you can search by last name in the CMS and add them to your invite list. Before entering your invites, please be sure your interviewers are available for the time needed to conduct as many interviews as you have scheduled.

You can also designate as many alternates as you like. This is something we highly recommend. Alternates will be promoted onto the schedule if any of your invited candidates decide to withdraw from the interviews.

The system will notify all candidates whether they have been invited, added as an alternate, or not invited.

Full-Time & Internship Interviews

30 min 45 min 60 min 90 min 30 min rotating* 45 min rotating*
# Slots in one full schedule 12 8 7 5 14 10
*rotating numbers above reflect two schedules
For the student Resume Due dates (application deadlines), and Invite List Due Dates, consult the Recruiting Calendar.

Leading up to your interviews 

The Career Management Center will schedule students into interview times through the system. If you would like to make changes to the times on your schedule please reach out to your CMC contact before students have been slotted into times. Students have the ability to change timeslots with each other, or decline up until two business days before the interview. Interview-time changes requested after students are in time slots can only be made by an Industry Relationship Manager with the student's consent.

One week prior to the interview date, an email will go out with last minute details to share with recruiters.

Should any emergency issues arise once your interview schedules are filled (travel cancellations due to inclement weather, recruiter illness, etc.), please reach out to your CMC Contact as soon as possible. 

Day of interview:

  • Recruiters should plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to their first interview.
  • We will have greeters on hand to show recruiters to their assigned room and answer any questions they may have.
  • They will be given a packet containing their schedule (with any last-minute changes) and the corresponding resumes.
  • Breakfast, lunch and snacks will be provided.

If your interviews are virtual, please be sure all recruiters are aware that everything in the Kellogg system is reflected in Central time.

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