Discover Events in the Social Impact space at Kellogg

Social Impact events explore a wide array of topics in the space and unite the community.

Kellogg on Growth Forum

Launched in 2015, this forum brings together some of the world’s most influential thought leaders to explore different approaches to driving growth at the enterprise, macroeconomic and personal level.

Business of Healthcare Conference

This annual conference, established in 2000, explores topics at the intersection of business and healthcare.

Kellogg Innovation Network (KIN) Global

This annual summit, founded in 2003, aims to unite leaders from a myriad of sectors, countries and industries to share what it means to build and sustain a prosperous global society.

Net Impact Week

Organized by the Net Impact Club at Kellogg, Net Impact Week is a series of events designed to expose the Kellogg community to the world of social impact. (Read about a student’s experience with Net Impact Week.)

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Social Impact Days

Social Impact Days give students the chance to discuss social impact topics, connect with like-minded members of the Kellogg community and learn about social impact opportunities at Kellogg.

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Beacon Executive-in-Residence

Kellogg’s Beacon Capital Partners Executive-in-Residence program brings world-class leaders to Kellogg to share their experiences as social innovators and to discuss relevant sector issues and trends.

Social Impact Bootcamp and Roundtable Events

Each year, Kellogg’s Net Impact Club hosts bootcamps and roundtables to introduce students to an in-depth view into a particular area within the realm of social impact. These sessions are led by insightful instructors and leave students with strong foundational knowledge.

Social Impact Career Presentations

Every year, Kellogg’s Career Management Center and Net Impact Club work together to bring potential employers in the social impact space to campus for on-campus interviews, information sessions and more.

Net Impact Community Events, Panels, Workshops and Interview Prep Groups

Kellogg student leaders plan upwards of 50 events, speakers and sessions each year for their fellow Net Impact students across Kellogg. These events are open to all students and include guest speakers and workshops on charting your academic and career path, volunteer opportunities, experiential learning events, and interview prep groups to support students’ progress towards internships and full time positions in impact organizations.

Small Group Alumni Dinners & Social Impact Social at Reunion

Students host a number of small dinners each year to invite current students to interface directly and learn from Kellogg alumni in the social impact space. In addition, Kellogg hosts an annual “Social Impact Social” at Reunion each year to invite students and alumni to interface and network around social impact issues.

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