Centers and Affiliates

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Centers and affiliates

Social Impact is the culmination of many centers and affiliates from across Kellogg. These groups collectively form an ecosystem of resources in teaching, research and thought leadership. Students have the flexibility to plug into the centers or affiliates that best align with their interests.

  • The Ford Motor Company Center for Global Citizenship is an interdisciplinary research and teaching center. It focuses on five core areas: complex social systems, conflict and cooperation, crisis management, political economy and value-based leadership. The Center is organized under Kellogg’s Public-Private Interface (KPPI) Initiative.
  • International Business and Markets is home to a variety of international learning opportunities at Kellogg, many of which are tied to Social Impact efforts.
  • The Levy Institute for Entrepreneurial Practice works across the Kellogg network to foster entrepreneurial success for Kellogg students and alumni.
  • The Center for Nonprofit Management is a research and teaching center that focuses on supporting the development of nonprofit leaders. It offers Executive Education courses, events and other educational opportunities that are tailored to the nonprofit audience. The Center is organized under Kellogg’s Public-Private Interface (KPPI) Initiative.
  • Faculty convene at events like the Institutional Impact Investing Conference and other academic conferences that allow scholars from Kellogg and elsewhere to discuss and hone their latest research.

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