Data Acquisition
Research Support can help you determine whether the data in which you are interested are available through our current data subscriptions or can work with you to identify data providers for the purchase of a new dataset.

Programming Assistance
Research Support provides assistance with large-data manipulation, complex statistical applications, programming, analysis, and modeling. We also advise on grid/cluster computing, including optimizing and parallelizing code and leveraging GPU resources.

RA Hiring 
Research Support offers matching assistance for faculty seeking to hire a Research Assistant. To facilitate the matching process, Research Support has designed an online survey that helps determine which set of skills a faculty member may find most beneficial.  

Manuscript Editing

Research Support offers manuscript copyediting to all tenure-track faculty at Kellogg. A referral program is also in place for faculty in need of a quicker turnaround or substantive/developmental editing, for clinical and visiting faculty, and for doctoral students seeking copy- or substantive-editing guidance for their job-market papers.

Training and Reference
Research Support provides workshops, tutorials, and reference materials related to Unix and Linux, various research methods, software implementation and performance, publishing, data processing, and other research matters.

Service  Email  Phone
 Jie (Jay) Cao
 jie.cao  7-6290
 Maja Kos
 m-kos  1-0257
 Frank Limbrock  f-limbrock  1-8678