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Kellogg Application Server


The Kellogg Application Server (KAP02) is available to all Kellogg researchers (faculty, PhD students, post-docs). Kellogg researchers can request an access to KDC02 by emailing Kellogg Research Support.


KAP02is a Windows server that contains many research applications and also has a volume for storing sensitive data securely. KAP02 offers 120 Xeon cores and 2TB of RAM. KAP02 utilizes the Windows Server 2012 operating system, with Remote Desktop Services enabled, to allow for multiple concurrent users.

*KAP02 is a shared resource. Contact Research Support if your jobs require more than 8 CPU cores or more than 100GB of RAM and they will help to the determine the optimal computational resources for your work.

Connect to KAP02 via Remote Desktop

A Remote Desktop client (Windows | macOS) is required to connect, using the following details:

Computer: kap02.kellogg.northwestern.edu

Login: use your NetID with "kellogg\" prefix. For example: kellogg\tst123

Password: use your NetID password