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At the heart of CSSI is our groundbreaking work studying scientific process and research throughout the ages. Together, this unique community of collaborators is unearthing new insights that are already influencing opportunities and developments for academia, government, business and science around the world. Our work is constantly evolving with many new experiments currently underway.

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If you want creativity, keep the team small

Scientific American, 20 Feb 2020

Revealing the predictability of intrinsic structure in complex networks

Nature, 30 Jan 2020

Quantifying the dynamics of failure across science, startups and security

Nature, 30 Oct 2019

Early-career setback and future career impact

Nature Communications, 01 Oct 2019

Decoding team and individual impact in science and invention.

PNAS, 19 Jun 2019

Nobel laureates are almost the same as us

Scientific Data, 18 Apr 2019

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