Driving New Insights About Scientific Discovery

At the heart of CSSI is our groundbreaking work studying scientific process and research throughout the ages. Together, this unique community of collaborators is unearthing new insights that are already influencing opportunities and developments for academia, government, business and science around the world. Our work is constantly evolving with many new experiments currently underway.

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SciSciNet: A large-scale open data lake for the science of science research

Scientific Data, 01 Jun 2023

Data, measurement and empirical methods in the science of science

Nature Human Behavior, 01 Jun 2023

The promise and pitfalls of the metaverse for science

Nature Human Behavior, 18 May 2023

Weak ties, failed tries, and success

Science Magazine, 15 Sep 2022

Public use and public funding of science

Nature Human Behvior, 07 Jul 2022

More than Mere Access: An Experiment on Moneyed Interests, Information Provision, and Legislative Action in Congress

Political Research Quarterly, 13 May 2022

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