Pioneering the Science of Science

This Kellogg Center is the first academic hub of its kind to bring together the world’s foremost experts in science of science and innovation.

Science of Science & Innovation

Science Takes a Leap Inward

The Center for Science of Science & Innovation (CSSI) is a multidisciplinary community for thought leaders in such fields as computational social science, network science, artificial intelligence and complex systems. More than ever, modern science is playing a critical role in driving the growth and innovation of businesses and economies around the world. Our team uses this proliferation of data to understand successes in innovation and teamwork, while also predicting scientific impact and knowledge production.

CSSI collaborators take scientific methods and turn them upon science itself to establish a systematic, quantitative framework that can make sense of mass quantities of data and identify emerging patterns. Armed with big data spanning all phases of scientific production, a defining feature of our work is a mechanistic approach to developing models that can uncover fundamental patterns in science. By combining our diverse expertise and approaches, the results of this center will lead to a qualitative shift in the way knowledge is discovered, science is funded, scientists are trained and nurtured, and excellence is recognized and rewarded.

Thought Leadership on the Science of Science

Discover our faculty's latest explorations in the field of science of science. Published in Kellogg Insight, the Kellogg School of Management's magazine on faculty research and expertise, this collection of work delves into such areas as teamwork, collaboration, innovation, careers and gender dynamics.

We are living in an exciting era where big data permeates every corner of our society and is increasingly essential for human decision-making. This emerging, multidisciplinary field leverages new large-scale datasets and draws tools from complexity sciences and artificial intelligence to help us better understand the fundamental principles underlying the success and failure of innovation.

Dashun Wang / Associate Professor of Management & Organizations

Featured Articles

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A new paper from CSSI researchers Lu Liu, Nima Dehmamy, and Dashun Wang explores the onset of career hot streaks in artists and scientists. 

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