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Kauffman Fellows

The Society of Kauffman Fellows is a network of venture capitalists operating at 160 venture firms and corporate venture groups in 26 countries on 6 continents, collectively deploying $50B in venture capital. Commencing each summer, a class of 20-30 emerging venture capital leaders (new Kauffman Fellows, sponsored by their venture firms) engage in a practical, 24-month apprenticeship of coaching, mentoring, and quarterly industry and leadership curriculum – all while continuing to work full-time as venture investors.

Kauffman Fellows put themselves at the service of entrepreneurs, with the mission of helping to build enduring new businesses that generate long-term returns for principals, investors, and society as a whole. We are inspired in this by Ewing Marion Kauffman and his legacy of promoting economically independent men and women who give back as engaged and contributing citizens. Find out more at www.kauffmanfellows.org.

Year Kauffman Fellow
2011 Sarah Liebel
2010 Lylan Masterman
Collin West
2009 Anthony Coia
Aziz Gilani
Daniel Becker
2008 Barry Zhang
Elana Lian
2007 Sanuj Ravindran
2006 Goro Takeda
Everardo Camacho
2003 Ryan Takeuchi
2002 Yuki Iwashita
2000 Peter Krawiec
1999 Jodi Sherman Jahic
1998 Robert Kornblum
Daniel Malven
Melissa Richlen
1997 Winston Fu
1996 Courtney Russell McCrea
David Blackburn
Matthew Mochary
1995 Suzanne (Hooper) King
Thomas Palmer