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Executive Programs and Dates

Leading and Sustaining a Culture of Innovation
Date: September 12-15, 2022
Date: April 17-20, 2023
Date: September 18-21, 2023

Delivering Business Growth
Date: October 30 - November 2, 2022
Date: March 6-9, 2023
Date: October 29 - November 1, 2023

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About CRTI

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Where the world of ideas and global business converge.

The Center for Research in Technology & Innovation (CRTI) at the Kellogg School of Management was founded by McCormick Tribune Professor of Technology Mohanbir Sawhney in June 2001. CRTI plays a pivotal role in understanding, solving and forecasting the most pressing issues that innovators in business will face today and tomorrow.

At the point where business issues and academic endeavor intersect, CRTI leadership, faculty and staff apply their experience and expertise in marketing, invention, engineering, strategy and law to address management’s toughest challenges, offering a synthesis of perspectives through their research, teaching and collaborative endeavors.


Advancing and expanding knowledge


CRTI stimulates innovation activities, creatively combining diverse inputs and channeling them toward common purpose by:

  • Conducting independent research and enabling others to do the same
  • Networking the brightest minds in productive dialog and collaboration
  • Partnering with corporations to develop sustainable innovation capabilities


CRTI builds enduring, multi-dimensional relationships. All CRTI initiatives — from scholarship support for individual students to collaborative ventures with global enterprises — are based on a model of co-creation, co-design, co-development and co-implementation.



Sharing knowledge and creating opportunities

Global Networking

Through innovation and technology networks, CRTI exemplifies the collaborative model of knowledge creation for business value.
KIN. Kellogg Innovation Network
KTS. Kellogg Technology Summit

Global Impact

CRTI helps define the future of innovation and intellectual capital worldwide through active involvement and leadership in government agency initiatives, standard-setting and advisory bodies, and collaborative initiatives with other innovation-driven organizations and academic institutions programs.

Academic Excellence

CRTI advances education and research through fellowships, scholarships, and other funding opportunities for students in MBA and doctoral degree programs, post-doctoral studies, and for faculty-driven initiatives.



Transforming knowledge into
value for all

Organizational Capabilities

Through education and collaboration, CRTI builds individual competencies and organizational capabilities that companies require to sustain innovation and deliver shareholder value:

Intellectual Capital

CRTI maintains its relevance and value to business and academia by creating intellectual capital— articles, books and case studies—that inform cutting-edge business practice.

Business Value

CRTI brings real-world insight and domain expertise into specific areas of business practice, including:

  • Defining value propositions
  • Improving business performance
  • Optimizing technology applications
  • Enhancing customer relationships
  • Driving innovation in product or service development
  • Creating competitive advantage
  • Fostering sustainable growth








Academic Partners 

Academic Partners