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Leading and Sustaining a Culture of Innovation
Date: November 11 – 14, 2019
Date: April 27 – 30, 2019

Delivering Business Growth
Date: September 22-25, 2019
Date: March 1-4, 2020

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Innovation at the intersection of ideas and practice.

The Center for Research in Technology & Innovation (CRTI) serves as a global hub of innovation, connecting and collaborating worldwide with leaders and researchers from corporations, government, nonprofit organizations and academia to advance and share information and to transform it into practical value.

Intellectually vibrant. Innovative. Socially engaged.
The characteristics that define the Kellogg School of Management are the foundation for all the work we do. In the tradition of Kellogg, at CRTI we think bravely. Innovation is our passion. Watch the video and learn why.


CRTI at Work

Transforming corporate marketing capabilities.
Since 2002, CRTI has collaborated with Microsoft to create a comprehensive curriculum for advancing the company’s marketing capabilities and processes, touching more than 5,000 executives worldwide through virtual and instructor-led education.

Stimulating a wave of innovation.
The Innovation Radar™, a framework developed by CRTI researchers, has become the tool of choice for stimulating, measuring and diagnosing business innovation in more than 150 Nordic companies; has been applied in the United States, Greece and Russia; and has the potential for becoming an innovation management tool of choice worldwide.

Informing and advancing global intellectual property policy.
Since 2008, CRTI faculty member James Conley has served on the Trademark Public Advisory Committee of the U.S. Department of Commerce Patent and Trademark Office. He has also played an active role in the World Intellectual Property Organization, helping to promote intellectual asset management worldwide.

Creating opportunities for MBA students.
In the midst of the economic downturn, CRTI provided $250,000 to fund innovation internships for 35 Kellogg MBA students. Students were able to engage with start-ups, NGOs and other institutions in developing nations that couldn’t otherwise invest in top-tier scholar opportunities.







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Academic Partners