Research Support can help you to create web sites and to design mobile applications for collecting new research data or disseminating information about existing research. We either develop in house or with external partners depending on the complexity of your project. Please, email us if you would to talk about the tool you want to develop.

Manuscript Editing

Research Support offers copy- and substantive-editor referrals for manuscript and job-market-paper editing. This referral program is available to tenure-track, clinical, and visiting faculty, as well as to doctoral students.

Computational Consulting

Research Support has computational consultants who can recommend and deliver solutions for a wide variety of scientific computing challenges - including large dataset manipulation, statistical programming, text mining, and code acceleration. We also advise on how to make the best use of the computational platforms available to you -- including the KLC, KDC, and Northwestern's Quest grid.  Please, email us if you would to talk about your research challenge.

RA & TA Matching

Research Support offers matching assistance for faculty seeking to hire a Research Assistant. To facilitate the matching process, Research Support has designed an online survey that helps determine which set of skills a faculty member may find most beneficial.

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