Research Fellows

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When you join Kellogg as a Research Fellow, you become part of a community.

Every year, Kellogg offers a limited number of Research Fellow opportunities. These are full-time staff positions that last either 1 or 2 years during which the Fellows gain exposure to current academic research at Kellogg as well as hands-on experience assisting those projects. These are excellent opportunities for anyone who is considering applying to a PhD in a discipline related to business research.

The Fellows who are currently on staff have access to many resources for their professional and academic development. We organize panel discussions on topics such as PhD Admissions and PhD Life specifically for our pre-doctoral audience. We also offer training and advice on advanced computational techniques from the professional experts in our Research Support team. Research Fellows are encouraged to network with Kellogg's PhD students, join reading groups, and of course to take advantage of the rich array of research seminars and guest speakers that take place at Kellogg and Northwestern.

Kellogg is committed to creating and maintaining a diverse and inclusive environment. We invest in programs, partnerships, initiatives, and events that unleash the transformative power of diversity and inclusion in the Kellogg community. Thus, we encourage people from underrepresented groups and non-dominant backgrounds to apply their unique contributions to our fellowship program. We are a proud member of the Pathways to Research and Doctoral Careers (PREDOC) consortium. 

How to Apply

Candidates apply for either a Behavioral or an Empirical Research Fellow position, depending on their academic interests. When you apply, you will be asked to provide a cover letter explaining why you are interested in becoming a Research Fellow, your resume or CV, your most recent transcript, and contact information for your references. (Note: We will not contact your references until a later stage of the evaluation process.)

Important Dates

We are no longer accepting applications for the 2022 cohort.

Check back in October for information about how to apply for the 2023 cohort.

Online Information Sessions 

No more information sessions are scheduled for this application cycle.

Behavioral Research Fellows

As part of the Kellogg Research Support team, Behavioral Research Fellows work with many different Kellogg researchers on a broad set of experimental studies. These researchers tend to come from Kellogg's Management and Organizations, Managerial Economics and Decision Sciences, and Marketing departments. In addition to running studies in one of our Behavioral Labs or online, Fellows have opportunities to work with the research teams on experimental design, study material development, literature reviews, and data analysis.

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Empirical Research Fellows

Empirical Research Fellows have the opportunity to work with multiple faculty members on research projects that involve the collection, manipulation, and analysis of data. This work typically requires the Research Fellow to develop strong computational skills and apply them to practical research problems. In addition to statistical programming, one might be asked to automate the collection and preparation of unstructured data, implement sophisticated matching algorithms, or program simulations of a theoretical model.

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In addition, Kellogg faculty occasionally run other searches that have separate application links and deadlines:

Finance Department openings (multiple), applications accepted on a rolling basis.

Meet our Research Fellows

These are the current members of the Kellogg Research Fellows community.
Paloma Avendano

Paloma Avendano

BA in Economics and BA in Statistics, University of Rochester

While at the University of Rochester, Paloma worked as a research assistant in an economic history project and at the Health and Environmental Economics Lab. She completed her senior thesis on the impact of paid family leave on the labor market outcomes of mothers.

She intends to pursue a PhD in Economics with a focus on applied microeconomics.

Rick Brown

Rick Brown

BA in Economics, Harvard University

In his honors thesis, Rick analyzed the effect of eviction moratoria on school enrollment during the COVID-19 pandemic. He has also studied the effect of immigration raids and nuisance ordinances on enrollment. 


Rick intends to pursue a PhD in economics with an emphasis on applied microeconomics and public economics. He is interested in combating income inequality through education and housing policy.

Joselle Carrillo

Joselle Carrillo

BS in Psychology, Ohio State University

While at the Ohio State University, Joselle worked on research projects examining motivation, cognition, and self-affirmation. Her senior thesis focused on self-affirmation knowledge as a buffer for negative feelings following social exclusion.

She intends to earn her PhD in organizational behavior, focusing on inequalities and intergroup dynamics in the workplace.

Arturo Charleston

Arturo Charleston

BA in Economics, El Colegio de Mexico

While studying at El Colegio de Mexico, Arturo worked as a research assistant at the Center of Economic Studies, investigating crime and development. For his thesis, he studied the effect of Chinese competition on foreign markets and Mexico's local labor markets. Before joining Kellogg, he worked for one year at Mexico's central bank on the foreign direct investment team.

He intends to pursue a Ph.D. in economics, focusing on financial inclusion and new financial technologies.

Sean Chen

Sean Kai Xiao Chen

BA in Economics, Stanford University

Sean wrote his senior thesis at Stanford on the effects of environmentally-induced income shocks on sex-selective infanticide in 18th century Japan. He has also worked on projects regarding the labor effects of robot adoption in Japanese nursing homes, the efficacy of multilateral development banks’ accountability mechanisms, and the pedagogy of moral political economy in higher education.

At Kellogg, Sean is working in the Strategy Department. He intends to pursue a PhD in economics and is interested in industrial organization, environmental economics, and economic history.

Ximena Mercado Garcia

Ximena Mercado Garcia

BA in Economics and BS in Mathematics, University of Texas at Austin

As part of the MIT Summer Research Program, Ximena interned at the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab (J-PAL), where she worked on data publication and cost effectiveness analysis. She also worked as a research assistant in an education project at the Industrial Relations Section of Princeton University. Ximena wrote her senior thesis on the effect on consumption and labor force participation of changing the eligibility age of a non-contributory pension program for the elderly in Mexico.

She intends to pursue a PhD in Economics and is interested in development, labor, and education.

Jimin Han

Jimin Han

BA in Economics, University of Chicago

While at the University of Chicago, Jimin worked as a research assistant at the Becker Friedman Institute, taking part in a project exploring the political ties between business owners and the government in 1970s Korea. His area of interest lies in development economics, political economics, and labor economics.

He plans to pursue a PhD in economics with an emphasis on applied microeconomics.

Stella Ho

Stella Ho

BA in Sociology and BA in Political Economy, UC Berkeley   


During her time at UC Berkeley, Stella worked on research projects examining diversity, organizational culture, well-being, and emotions. In her senior thesis, she explored the effects of the Family and Medical Leave Act on employees’ work-family conflict.       


She intends to pursue a PhD in organizational behavior with a focus on intergroup relations and emotions.  

César Landín

César Landín

BA in Economics and BA in Political Science, Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México

Before joining Kellogg, César worked at the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), where he estimated the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on small and medium enterprises in Latin America. While at ITAM, he worked as a research assistant at the Center for Economic Research, where he performed an evaluation of a mobile health randomized controlled trial. Previously, he also worked as a research assistant on projects studying education, income, and labor mobility.

He intends to earn a PhD in Economics and is interested in financial inclusion and historical development.

Martim Leitão

Martim Leitão

BA in Economics, Universidade Católica Portuguesa

MSc in Economics, Universidade Católica Portuguesa

Before joining Kellogg, Martim worked as a Research Fellow at UCP's Center of Economics for Prosperity (PROSPER), where he conducted research on earnings’ inequality dynamics and on the persistent economic effects of transitory shocks. As a teaching assistant at UCP, he taught Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Data Analytics for Economics and Applied Economics.

He intends to earn a PhD in Economics and is interested in earnings' inequality, mobility, labor and international economics.

Qiuyu Li

Qiuyu Li

BA in Economics, University of International Business and Economics

MA in Computational Social Sciences, University of Chicago


While at the University of Chicago, Qiuyu worked as a research assistant in the Development Innovation Lab and the Kenneth C. Griffin Department of Economics. In her Master's thesis, she explored the correlation between misogynistic discourses on Twitter and gender wage gaps in the local labor markets.


She intends to earn a PhD in Economics with a focus on labor economics.

Yin Li

Yin Li

BA in Economics, University of California, Berkeley

MA in Social Sciences, University of Chicago


Prior to joining Kellogg, Yin worked as a research assistant on various projects related to leadership, social cognition, norms and motivation at both Haas and Booth. Her MA thesis examined perspective getting in China and the US. 


At Kellogg, Yin is working in the Management and Organizations Department. She intends to pursue a PhD in Micro Organizational Behavior and is interested in general topics related to moral judgment, group processes, and employee well-being.

Fellow-Cindy Lu

Cindy Lu

BS in Management Science & Engineering, Stanford University

MS in Operations Research, Stanford University

While at Stanford, Cindy also served as a department RA and explored applied machine learning in asset pricing and market microstructure. Before joining Kellogg, she was an RA for one year at Washington University in St. Louis, working on a variety of projects pertaining to asset pricing, behavioral finance, and forecasting econometrics.

She intends to earn a PhD in Accounting, broadly focusing on accounting-based investing, the link between financial markets and the macroeconomy, market microstructure, and applied econometrics. Her potential areas of interest overlap with topics in financial economics.

Anoushka Nalwa

Anoushka Nalwa

BA in Economics, National University of Singapore 

While at NUS, Anoushka worked as a research assistant on projects related to political economy, health economics, and policies surrounding caregivers. She wrote her honors thesis on the impact of India's rural road program on households' food security and how the effects differed with the gender of the household head. Her areas of interest are development economics, environmental economics, and economic history. 

Anoushka intends to earn her PhD in Economics, with a focus on applied microeconomics.

Tanner Parsons

Tanner Parsons

BS in Marketing, Clemson University

MS in Analytics, Georgia Institute of Technology

Prior to joining Kellogg, Tanner consulted for the Department of Defense’s Minerva Initiative, where he modeled geopolitical reliance and resilience between state actors. Tanner has also worked as a research assistant at Clemson University, presenting two papers on the application of the Institutional Analysis and Development Framework in the marketing context. He serves as a Research Assistant for the newly founded IDEATE Lab at the Darden School of Business.

Tanner intends to earn his PhD in Marketing, with an interest in development marketing and sustainability.

Luiza Tanoue Troncoso Peres

Luiza Tanoue Troncoso Peres

BA in Economics and BS in Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience, University of California San Diego

While at UCSD, Luiza worked on projects related to gender bias and decision making at the Comparative Cognition Lab. Her senior thesis focused on assessing risk-taking behavior in children’s investments.

She intends to earn a PhD in Behavioral Science and is interested in behavioral economics, decision sciences, and consumer behavior.

Kira Silvestrovich

Kira Silvestrovich

BA in Economics, Higher School of Economics

Before joining Kellogg, Kira worked as a research assistant at New Economic School, Central Bank of Russia, Levada Center, and Institute for Industrial and Market Studies on projects related to relational contracts, natural resource economics, and political economy. Her thesis investigated how mood impacted people’s perceptions of their country’s politics and economy, and her independent work focuses on voting behavior.


She intends to pursue a PhD in Economics with a focus on political economy and natural resource economics.

Ayush Sinha

Ayush Sinha

AB in Economics and AB in Mathematics, Colgate University

In his economics honors thesis, Ayush investigated the impact of sea level rise for both borrowers and lenders of Fannie Mae multifamily mortgages over time. As a research assistant, he worked on projects related to the green premium of Fannie Mae multifamily green bonds. His math thesis examined a model of ride-sharing platforms to compare the performance of different pricing and matching algorithms for matches occurring under mismatched supply and demand.


He intends to pursue a PhD in Finance or Economics, focusing on topics related to climate change, real estate, and regulation.


Vitalii Tubdenov

Vitalii Tubdenov

BS in Economics, Moscow State University

While at Moscow State University, Vitalii worked on a variety of projects pertaining to finance, international macroeconomics, innovation, and marketing. His senior thesis focused on the influence of central bank transparency on exchange rate pass-through into domestic prices.

At Kellogg, Vitalii works in the Marketing department. Vitalii intends to earn a PhD in Business Economics with a focus on marketing, industrial organization, and applied microeconomics.

Zachary Veitch

Zachary Veitch

BA in Economics, Pitzer College


MSc in Policy Economics, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Zachary’s undergraduate thesis examined the effects of music streaming on the live music and recording industries. After undergrad, he worked as a research intern at the Center for Neuroeconomic Studies and as a research venue coordinator at Project Wish Clinical Research Site at the University of Illinois at Chicago. His MSc studies focused on advanced econometrics, public economics, and drug policy evaluation.

Zachary intends to pursue a PhD in applied microeconomics with a focus on public and health economics.

Charon Jiawei Yang

Charon Jiawei Yang

BCom in Economics, University of Melbourne


During her time at UniMelb, Charon had opportunities to work as a research assistant on several projects, including political economy projects for the University of Melbourne, and a joint project run by Stanford University and Princeton University that studied misallocation. In her honors thesis, Charon investigated the capitalization of campaign contributions into firm values in the context of the Trump/Clinton 2016 Presidential Election.

She intends to pursue a PhD in economics and is interested in political economy, industrial organization, and behavioral economics. 

Leile Zhou

Leile Zhou

BBA in International Accounting, Shanghai University of International Business and Economics

During his undergraduate, Leile worked as a research assistant on a project pertaining to satellite signals. He also worked on topics in relation to voluntary and mandatory disclosures by employing text analysis.

He intends to pursue a PhD in Accounting focusing on real economic effects brought by public disclosures.

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