Frequently asked questions

Who can sign up to be participant?

Anyone over 18 years old can join the registry. Studies will be either online only, in-lab only, or a combination of online and in-lab. Because of this, people who live in the Chicagoland area are especially encouraged to sign up for this participant pool.

How will I know when the studies occur?

You will be invited to sign up for a study time slot via email. The email will provide some information about what the study entails.

What is it like to volunteer for an in-lab study?

  • You will come into the Behavioral Lab at the Evanston campus or Chicago downtown campus where you will be greeted by a research assistant.
  • You will be checked in and walked through the process of your study participation.
  • You will be given informed consent and an opportunity to ask questions.
  • Your participation might include one of the following:
    • Role playing for a job negotiation
    • Looking at product images and answering some survey questions
    • Filling out a survey
  • A research assistant will check you out and provide compensation for your time.

How long does a study take?

Studies can run anywhere from 10 - 60 minutes. Many in-lab studies take about 30 minutes and online studies usually take somewhere between 5-15 minutes.

How much do the studies pay?

In-lab studies pay up to $21-28/hour. Payment may be in the form of cash, a VISA pre-paid card, or an Amazon gift card. We offer compensation for CTA travel and parking, when applicable. Online studies may compensate up to $16/hour, and virtual studies up to $17-21.

How do I start?

Please start by clicking here to join our Sona participant pool and participate in a future study.

Want to know more about the Research Support Group at Kellogg?

To learn more about the research support group staff please read about us.

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