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***Due to Covid19, in-person labs are not available until ALL in-person academic activities resume. Ask us about online and virtual lab options.

About Kellogg Behavioral Lab

Kellogg researchers have access to many resources to conduct behavioral experiments. Our subject pools contain university students and Chicagoland community members (Sona subject pool), and we also have a robust, national online pool that we manage through Mechanical Turk (mTurk subject pool).

We have a team of Research Fellows who can help with the design, execution, or the analysis of your experiments. We also have a process to help researchers hire research assistants if their projects call for additional support.

Behavioral Lab

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Kellogg faculty, post-docs, and PhD students can sign in here for more detailed information about our services and to request research support.

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Researchers at Kellogg School of Management study a wide range of topics examining social perceptions, decision-making processes, consumer preferences, and economic behavior.

If you join our registrant pool and you might be asked to complete paid in-lab research studies and online surveys at the Kellogg School of Management. To learn more about the process and what you might be asked to do continue to read frequently asked questions.

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