Why Kellogg?

Our Distinctive Approach to Thought Leadership

Built on a Unique Cross-Disciplinary Model

Our distinctive approach to thought leadership is built on foundational departments integrated with strategic cross-disciplinary initiatives and rich curricular experience. Read a few of our insights into distinctive thought leadership:

Solving Real-World Problems

The Kellogg Innovation and Entrepreneurship Initiative equips our students to become thought leaders and outstanding problem solvers in the real world.

Is Economic Growth a Question of Culture?

A decade of research shows how culture seeps into economic decisions.

Our Innovative Portfolio

Choose a Program That Meets Your Personal & Professional Goals

With a broad array of global offerings, our innovative portfolio of programs creates unique opportunities to help you achieve your professional and personal goals—no matter your career stage and experience. Read how our students succeed in their chosen field:

The One-Year Advantage

Through the accelerated One-Year Program, Juliana Merola was able to bypass core curriculum and focus on courses that propelled her career forward.

Premier Access to the Largest Global Network

Our partnerships with top tier institutions around the world create a truly immersive global executive MBA learning experience.

Designing & Leading Powerful Organizations

With Kellogg’s Executive Education Programs, you will benefit from a dynamic collaborative learning environment led by leading experts from a wide range of disciplines.
Westin Hatch talks MMM in interview

Leading Through Design Innovation

Westin Hatch took his career to the next level through Kellogg’s MMM Program and learned a balanced approach to management and design innovation.

Our Vibrant Community & Culture

Discover a Community That’s Courageous, Driven & Supportive

We offer an environment that requires teamwork and encourages risk-taking, among colleagues who are as supportive as they are ambitious. Read how our students succeed due to our vibrant community:

Finding the way to Career Advancement

Through Kellogg’s Evening & Weekend MBA Program, Anita Gutwein advanced her career without limiting herself geographically or short-selling her future.

Student-Led Startup Fights Breast Cancer

The student-led startup Innoblative has won 11 awards, totaling $200,000, and is poised to revolutionize the treatment of breast cancer.
Jennifer Thompson in EMBA class

Being Surrounded by Inspiration

Jennifer Thompson, Senior Vice President of Crisis and Risk Management at Edelman PR, shares how surrounding herself with like-minded success-oriented individuals in the Executive MBA Program inspires her to succeed.