Susan Wang

Susan Wang — Senior Associate, Finance, KPMG My goals for obtaining an MBA were to accelerate my career and to develop my leadership skills for the next level.

The culture and rigorous educational curriculum were what drew me to Kellogg. One of my managers was an alumnus, and I was inspired by his leadership style and the way he approached problems. I knew right then I wanted to follow his path. I applied only to Kellogg and was thrilled to be invited to join this amazing community.

My time at Kellogg has been transformational. I had the opportunity to take classes taught by phenomenal professors who are pioneers in their fields. They challenged me to think outside my comfort zone, especially coming from a finance and accounting background, where conservatism is the central theme of decision-making.

I learned today’s business environment is full of constant change and disruption. In order to grow, companies must take calculated risks and enter fields where historical trends are no longer applicable. Kellogg has taught me to think creatively, take the leap into the unknown and be an effective leader in a world that constantly changes.

The Kellogg journey was far beyond what I expected. Through the process I’ve discovered a great deal about myself. Kellogg challenged me to think differently, question the status quo and find innovative solutions to make the world a better place.

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