Randy Schenck — Engineering Technician, Naval Facilities Engineering Command Midwest I had ended my six-year enlistment with the Army and secured a civilian position with the Navy.

My vision for my future included creating some type of nonprofit organization that would help veterans and their families meet the special kinds of challenges they often face. I knew an MBA would give me the knowledge and skills I’d need to actually launch that kind of entrepreneurial venture.

But I wanted more than a degree. I wanted the experience of earning it, a program that would push me to excel much like the military had. Kellogg has delivered that on so many levels. The team atmosphere allows us to contribute where we are strong and rely on others who have complementary skills. There’s a focus here on entrepreneurship and strategy that aligns directly with my vision, and of course Kellogg is top of the tier in marketing.

I came in from the military confident in my leadership capabilities. Kellogg has shown me a different side of leadership — the power of collaboration, different ways to motivate people, how to inspire them to share your vision. I’ve learned the difference between leading by authority and leading by commitment.

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Susan Wang used the Kellogg part-time MBA program to prepare for a career in finance
Susan Wang
Senior Associate, Finance, KPMG

“Kellogg has taught me to utilize my existing finance skills to think creatively."

Aaron Newman
Account Manager, Northern Trust

“I’m always excited to hear what my peers have to say and to learn from what they know.”