An MBA has always been a big personal goal. Taking a year or two off to study sounded attractive, but from a career perspective, an Evening & Weekend MBA program made the most sense for me.

I work for a great company. I like what I do. What I really wanted was the higher-level knowledge and skills to advance in the career I already have.

Kellogg’s Accelerated Option was incredibly attractive. It doesn’t force you to fit into an ironclad MBA model. I already had a strong undergraduate foundation in the core disciplines, and in my job I hone those skills daily. The Accelerated Option lets me dive deeper into electives in the areas where I need more development. The Saturday classes make commuting from Dallas a workable option.

Kellogg’s emphasis on collaboration and teamwork also plays directly into my goal to expand my thinking and perspectives. In my job, I’m very numbers driven. My classmates, who come from an incredible variety of industries and functions, add dimensions to problem-solving I would never have considered.

More student perspectives

Aaron Newman
Account Manager, Northern Trust

“I’m always excited to hear what my peers have to say and to learn from what they know.”

Anita Cohen
Principal, Bain & Company

“It wasn’t feasible to quit my job in New York. But I refused to limit myself geographically or to short-sell my future.”

Courtney Haynes
Senior Vice President, Mesirow Financial

“The difference now is how much value the breadth of my Kellogg education has added to my skill set.”