Courtney Haynes — Senior Vice President, Mesirow Financial I always wanted to get my MBA, but I didn't want to interrupt my career to go to school.

Kellogg’s Evening & Weekend MBA Program enabled me to keep moving up in my company while I pursued my MBA goal.

I applied only to Kellogg. I immediately sensed the energy and dynamism of interesting, smart, driven people. I also felt that I fit in well with classmates and alumni. My professors applied their real-world experience to every lecture, which helped me transfer a lot of what I learned in class to my job almost immediately.

I always understood that collaboration is important, but I appreciate it even more now. I knew I could contribute from the finance side, but was motivated by other students from diverse industries to expand my understanding of different businesses. To me, teams are a microcosm of the real world. You can manage time when you work alone, but team-focused skills have infinite benefits.

In the past, my focus was on finance and investment management. Today, my role has expanded to include business development and strategic marketing. Kellogg provided me with a unique opportunity at the right time to pursue new challenges. My newfound marketing knowledge has dovetailed with my current job requirements. I was an investment professional when I started, and will be after I graduate. The difference is how much value the breadth of my Kellogg education has added to my skill set.

More student perspectives

Anita Cohen
Principal, Bain & Company

“It wasn’t feasible to quit my job in New York. But I refused to limit myself geographically or to short-sell my future.”

Adam Ginsburgh, a Kellogg Evening MBA Alumni
Adam Ginsburgh
Partner and Managing Director, Cumulus Funding

“Developing people has become a natural extension of my talents.”

Kellogg Executive MBA Evanston, IL (Chicago Metro) campus
Nirav Patel
Associate Brand Manager, Kraft Foods

"I set my sights on working at Kraft and reached out to some Kellogg alumni. Two of them wrote unsolicited recommendations to HR on my behalf — as did a fellow Kellogg student, who also works there."