Charlie Hart

Charlie Hart — Senior Marketing Manager, Retail Leadership Development Program, Amazon When I entered Kellogg, I knew exactly what my goals were.

Kellogg’s learning environment enabled me to work in teams on topics I was not previously acquainted with, like finance and accounting. Not only did I gain more understanding of those topics, but it also allowed me to practice my skills as a manager responsible for multiple functions of an organization.

I didn’t realize how much I had grown professionally until a meeting with a client. During a discussion that could have compromised the project, I used skills learned at Kellogg to discuss their overall business objectives and speak intelligently with them on their financials, operations and marketing outside of the project at hand. The knowledge I gained at Kellogg not only appeased my client and made the project a success; it made the executives in my company take notice.

Kellogg has also provided great support in my job search. I enrolled in on-campus recruiting hoping to land my dream job. What I never expected was the level of involvement and support my career coach provided. My coach worked side by side with me through every step of the process. While traveling abroad for a course, I was able to leverage the Kellogg network and meet with an alumnus from Amazon’s London headquarters who happily provided invaluable interviewing advice. As a result of on-campus recruiting and the Kellogg network, I got my dream job.

I never expected Kellogg to help me achieve my career goals so quickly — or to prepare me so well for success at this level. During my time at Kellogg, I landed a new job, a promotion and finally, my dream job. Kellogg provided me with the momentum I needed to meet my goals faster than I could have ever anticipated.

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