Bruce Klink

Bruce Klink — Senior Manager, Capital One The number one reason I chose Kellogg was because of its global offerings.

In less than two years at Kellogg, I’ve been to China, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Israel, Brazil and Chile. I learned firsthand how business is done in two of the world’s largest economies from top professors at the Guanghua School of Management in Beijing and at Fundação Getulio Vargas in São Paulo.

My capstone project in each program directly impacted my career. In China, my team strategized how Boots Retail Pharmacies — a division of my former employer, Walgreens Boots Alliance — could adapt their model to enter the Chinese market. In Brazil, my team explored how Capital One, my current employer, is well positioned to enter the attractive consumer financial services market there.

Through Global Initiatives in Management, I took 10 weeks of class at Kellogg and spent two weeks studying global energy markets in the Middle East. I had firsthand conversations with global business leaders and learned how politics, economies and standards of living in Israel, UAE and Jordan vary greatly due to energy resources. I always took my access to energy for granted. Kellogg exposed me to a whole new world, and it forever changed the way I think. It’s a perfect example of the Kellogg experience.

Beyond personally visiting companies like Baidu in China, Natura in Brazil and DEWA in Dubai, I saw the global focus purposely weaved throughout the entire Kellogg experience. For example, in other coursework, two classmates and I worked with marketing executives at a leading global fitness company to refine their marketing strategy for a new product launch.

Kellogg changes the trajectory of your career and life in the best way. It offers new opportunities, relationships and capabilities that you never imagined. It is an extraordinary offering: the ability to develop the mindset of a global leader.

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