Anita Gutwein

Anita Cohen — Principal, Bain & Company I'd reached a career pinnacle, but couldn't advance further without an MBA.

It wasn’t feasible to quit my job in New York. I knew Kellogg would challenge me in many ways, a major one being the commute. But I refused to limit myself geographically or to short-sell my future.

The Evening & Weekend MBA Program was my answer.

From my first day at Kellogg, I felt a strong sense of community. My peers were obviously smart, but they were also refreshingly curious, strategic and came from a wide range of industries. Our collective work experience really helped us to focus quickly on every project.

I was comfortable with my capabilities, but was definitely humbled by the talents of my fellow students. I was also inspired by the mutual level of respect and understanding.

Everything I learned in class was on a real-time basis; I could actually bring back what I learned on the weekend and apply it on Monday.

We all took planes, trains and automobiles to get here, but I’m certain my investment will pay back many times over. If you recognize the impact that a Kellogg MBA can have on your life, you’ll find the way and the means. I flew here one day a week and built an entirely new network.

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Courtney Haynes
Senior Vice President, Mesirow Financial

“The difference now is how much value the breadth of my Kellogg education has added to my skill set.”

Adam Ginsburgh, a Kellogg Evening MBA Alumni
Adam Ginsburgh
Partner and Managing Director, Cumulus Funding

“Developing people has become a natural extension of my talents.”