Adam Ginsburgh — Partner and Managing Director, Cumulus Funding Over the past several years, I've assumed greater responsibility, and now I serve as the business unit manager of our Midwest business. Previously, I only managed analysts. Today I help manage larger, more complex teams, which requires a markedly different skill set.

Kellogg’s Evening & Weekend MBA Program was the ideal fit for my schedule. I could continue my career growth and advance my education at the same time. Obviously, I’ve made choices — there are only 168 hours in the week. But I have learned to successfully prioritize what I need to accomplish on the job and at school. Ironically, many times my two priorities seemed to converge. For instance, I was learning about performance reviews in class while I was writing reviews for my team. What I learned in class absolutely changed my approach.

My Kellogg training has helped me take on new challenges and responsibilities at work. I’ve also learned how to manage better through crises and the importance of keeping people motivated and focused. I’m no longer limited to analyzing our business; developing people has become a natural extension of my talents.

More student perspectives

Courtney Haynes
Senior Vice President, Mesirow Financial

“The difference now is how much value the breadth of my Kellogg education has added to my skill set.”

Kellogg Executive MBA Evanston, IL (Chicago Metro) campus
Nirav Patel
Associate Brand Manager, Kraft Foods

"I set my sights on working at Kraft and reached out to some Kellogg alumni. Two of them wrote unsolicited recommendations to HR on my behalf — as did a fellow Kellogg student, who also works there."

Bruce Klink is a Kellogg part-time MBA student who experienced MBA study abroad
Bruce Klink
Senior Manager, Capital One

“Kellogg’s Evening MBA Program hands you new opportunities, relationships and capabilities to develop the mindset of a global leader.”