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Tap into a powerful network

The benefits of the Kellogg MBA network will last throughout your career and lifetime.

As a member of the Kellogg alumni network, you can connect to more than 60,000 graduates — an exceptionally responsive group of high-impact, low-ego leaders who hold top positions at some of the world’s most respected organizations.

As an alum, enjoy exclusive access to events and opportunities for broadening your personal and professional network and sharpening your skills. Take advantage of ongoing career support, including lifetime access to one-on-one career coaching. And access exclusive educational benefits through our Degree Enhancement Program, which allows you to take up to six free courses.

Exclusive access to events

Access an endless number of events and opportunities, including networking sessions, social gatherings, lectures and other special-interest activities. Held throughout the year, these events are great opportunities to broaden your professional circles, gain industry knowledge or simply enjoy the company of your peers.

Kellogg alumni clubs throughout the world regularly host lectures and webinars featuring Kellogg faculty and top business leaders. These events, such as our popular Kellogg Insight Live series, cover a wide range of topical issues and industries.

Past events include:

  • "Big Data Doesn’t Make Decisions, Leaders Do," A Kellogg Insight Live event at Facebook headquarters
  • Brave Leader Series: Kellogg alumnus Harley-Davidson President and CEO Matt Levatich ’94 on collaboration
  • “Entrepreneurship from the Trenches,” a Kellogg Insight Live event in San Francisco featuring Dean Sally Blount, Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Carter Cast ’92, Tod Francis ’83 of Shasta Ventures, and Sam Shank ’04 of Hotel Tonight


Membership in the network

The Kellogg alumni network spans 100 countries and includes more than 60,000 graduates from the Full-Time, Evening & Weekend and Executive MBA programs. Tap into the power of this community by joining one of our 50 alumni clubs and groups, searching the alumni directory for graduates in your industry, function or region, or connecting with alumni on LinkedIn or at local events.

Meet our alumni


I reached out to some Kellogg alumni to learn more about a company... Two of them wrote unsolicited recommendations to HR on my behalf — as did a fellow Kellogg student.

Contact us about the Evening & Weekend MBA program

Evening & Weekend Application Deadlines

Winter 2025: Sept 25, 2024

Spring 2025: Jan 8, 2025
Summer 2025: March 26, 2025
Fall 2025: June 4, 2025