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Profitably growing and scaling businesses is a central challenge for business leaders. It reaches across all business functions and components, including:

  • Strategy (e.g. when are external market conditions right for growth and how do market opportunities link with internal capabilities?),
  • Operations (e.g. how to scale efficiently to meet demand and maintain quality, given a potentially steep but uncertain growth path),
  • Finance (e.g. how to choose capital structure in light of growth opportunities),
  • Marketing (e.g. how to acquire new customers, extend brands, and link customer needs to internal product development), and
  • Organizations (e.g. how to maintain core cultural advantages yet shift organizational design and shift key team members as the business grows).

The pathway emphasizes functional depth and experiential learning on these dynamic topics in management with applications to small- and middle-market enterprises (SMEs). As such, the pathway will be of particular interest to students with career aspirations in:

  • C-Suite of SMEs
  • Family Business
  • Private Equity/Search Funds

Faculty sponsors: Ben Jones (Strategy).

Capstone courses
Topic courses



  • Strategic Decisions in Operations: OPNS 454


  • Marketing Consulting Laboratory: MKTG 650
  • Omnichannel Experience Strategy: MKTG 451
  • Business-to-Business (B2B) Marketing: MKTG 453


  • Entrepreneurial Finance and Venture Capital: FINC 445
  • Global Entrepreneurial Finance: FINC 477


  • Entrepreneurship through Acquisition: ENTR 905-5
  • Launching and Leading Startups: ENTR 470

If you are interested in this pathway, you may also want to view the Venture Capital & Private Equity and Entrepreneurship pathways.

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