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The Asset Management pathway is an interdisciplinary program designed to prepare you for a career in asset management. The pathway’s emphasis is on investing in publicly traded assets. Investments in private markets and real estate are the focus of the Venture Capital and Private Equity pathway and the Real Estate pathway. All three pathways emphasize a core set of valuation skills, and students with an interest in asset management are encouraged to explore courses in these other pathways.

A fundamental tenant of the Asset Management pathway is that good investors need to have a fundamental understanding of businesses and the markets and industries in which those businesses operate. Thus, successful investors need to know all aspects of the businesses and markets in which they invest.

A critical component of the pathway is its experiential learning course offerings, the Asset Management Practicum and the Asset Management Lab.

The Asset Management Practicum is a sequence of courses in which the students manage long/short equity portfolios with total assets under management of $24 million. The students chose stocks to analyze and are responsible for trading, asset allocation, risk management and performance attribution.

The Asset Management Lab is a course in which students are placed in asset management firms to work on a project selected by the firm. Students spend one to two days per week at the firm during the quarter.

Faculty sponsor: Robert Korajczyk (Finance).

Foundational Courses
Competitive Advantage Courses


  • Financial Decisions: FINC 442
  • Value Investing: FINC 444
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis: ACCT 451
  • Issues in Financial Reporting: ACCT 452
  • Competitive Strategy and Industrial Structure: MECN 441
  • Financial Modeling for Private Equity Transactions: FINC 478-5
  • ESG Investing and Sustainability Reporting: ACCT 459
  • Impact Investing and Sustainable Finance: FINC 946

Fixed Income

  • Corporate Credit Markets: FINC 968-5
  • Financial Decisions: FINC 442
  • Derivatives Markets: FINC 465
  • International Finance: FINC 470
  • Mergers and Acquisitions, LBOs and Corporate Restructuring: FINC 448
  • Financial Modeling for Private Equity Transactions: FINC 478-5
  • ESG Investing and Sustainability Reporting: ACCT 459

Wealth Management

  • Financial Strategy and Tax: FINC 447
  • Derivatives Markets: FINC 465
  • Strategic Financial Planning and Wealth Management: FINC 957
  • Macroeconomic Policy and Global Capital Markets: FINC 473
  • Early Stage Impact Investing: SSIM 940
  • Global Entrepreneurial Finance: FINC 477
  • Keeping it all in the Family: Growing, Financing, and Managing Family Firms: FINC 948
  • Entrepreneurial Selling: ENTR 454
Experiential Learning Courses


Fixed Income

Wealth Management

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