Expand your global perspective

The Kellogg Evening & Weekend MBA Program offers the broadest array of global MBA offerings, from courses that examine global issues in-depth to experiential learning opportunities all around the world. Each opportunity is focused on equipping you with the tools and mindset to thrive and lead in today’s global economy.

Global Initiatives in Management

One of the most popular and unique offerings at Kellogg, Global Initiatives in Management (GIM) is an intensive course that pairs classroom learning with a hands-on, in-country experience. Students begin by working in small teams to research an issue, analyze a case study or design a business plan related to a specific country or region of the world. Next, students travel to that country or region to understand its culture through immersion, conduct firsthand research and meet with key stakeholders, including industry leaders and government officials.

Past trips have included company visits to Alibaba Group and Shanghai Disney Resort (China); and Yum!, the President of India, and Wendt (India). Read about a recent student's experience on a GIM trip to Shanghai, Beijing and Seoul.

International Growth Lab

Kellogg MBA candidates team up with students from ESADE Business & Law School in Barcelona and Hong Kong University of Science and Technology to develop market-based growth strategies for international organizations.

Students apply their management skills to a real-world growth challenge facing an international business; deepen their understanding of international markets, business practices and cultural norms; and learn about managing diverse teams across time zones. Teams not only videoconference but also travel to the respective home schools.

At the end of the course, students deliver their final strategy recommendations to the clients.

Kellogg Corps

Through this volunteer program, Kellogg students work in small teams to provide pro bono consulting to nonprofits in developing countries. Students have the option of completing short-duration trips (two weeks) or long-duration trips (four to six weeks).

Global Lab

Global Lab is a 12-week experiential learning course that allows students to work with an international company on a pressing business issue. Divided into teams of four, students are assigned to a client and charged with researching and analyzing a problem on behalf of that client. After 10 weeks, the teams travel abroad to visit their client on-site, present their findings and propose their recommendations.

Global exchanges

Evening & Weekend MBA students are eligible to participate in study abroad programs at Kellogg’s eight partner institutions. These one-to-three-week-long immersive programs invite students to explore business from a different perspective while networking with business leaders and MBA students from around the world. Study luxury brand management in Paris or understand the complexities of doing business in a rapidly expanding market in Brazil.

Examples of Global Exchanges in the past include:

  • Copenhagen Business School
    “Sustainability and Social Responsibility in Scandinavia”
  • Guanghua School of Management
    "Doing Business in China"
  • École Supérieure des Sciences Économiques et Commerciales (ESSEC)
    "The Global Manager in Europe"
  • FGV-EAESP (Escola de Administração de Empresas de São Paulo da Fundação Getulio Vargas)
    "Doing Business in Brazil"

If one’s schedule permits, Evening & Weekend students can also apply to exchange programs offered through the Full-Time Program.

Global perspective

Kellogg Executive MBA Evanston, IL (Chicago Metro) campus

“In less than two years at Kellogg, I’ve been to China, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Israel, Brazil and Chile. I was exposed to a whole new world and it forever changed the way I think."

  – Bruce Klink