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A rigorous curriculum for growth-minded leaders

To get the maximum return on your MBA, you need a program that’s tailored to you.

At Kellogg, your academic experience is fully customizable with the ability to plan your projected path two years out. As you complete your core courses, you also have the flexibility to select optional majors or pathways that best support your ambitions and interests.

Core & Electives

Our curriculum is designed to complement your academic background, work experience and career objectives. Whether you choose a traditional pace or the Accelerated Option, you’ll complete a series of core courses and choose from more than 100 electives that best align with your career goals and personal interests.

Majors & Pathways

As a Evening & Weekend MBA student, you can choose to pursue a major or pathway — or simply select classes that are most relevant to you. We offer a number of options to help you refine your expertise.

Global Opportunities

The Evening & Weekend MBA Program offers the broadest array of global opportunities. Participate in a global exchange program, volunteer in developing markets, complete a project with an international company or blend classroom learning with in-country experiences.

Experiential Learning

Put your new skills to the test: Our experiential learning courses, labs and practicums will challenge you to exercise your business acumen and creatively solve problems in the real world.


Students in the Evening & Weekend MBA, Executive MBA and Full-Time MBA programs learn from the same exceptional team of global thought leaders, cutting-edge researchers and experienced practitioners.

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