Danielle David discusses her Kellogg MSMS (Masters in Management) experience

I’d already landed an exciting first job in retail during my summer internship. But in a senior-year startup project, the entrepreneurial bug bit me. I knew then that I wanted a career in the high-energy technology field — in an environment that was conducive to creativity and innovative thinking.

To do that, I also knew I would have to complement the managerial skills I had gained in my undergraduate studies with more quantitative skills and business discipline rigor. The MSMS Russell Fellows Program offered the ideal solution.

The program’s curriculum met every expectation. It parallels the Kellogg MBA core classes in many ways, so I gained a solid foundation in general management. The legendary Kellogg faculty lived up to their reputation — knowledgeable, dedicated, passionate, accessible teachers willing to tailor the classes to our needs.

I took all my classes with the 24 students in my cohort. We came from very diverse backgrounds, so when we worked in teams on cases we were able to leverage our different perspectives. I would go about the problem in one way, while the economics major, the engineer and the theatre major would work from different angles. I learned so much from them.

When it came time for my job search, the Kellogg Career Management Center (CMC) was exceptional. I knew I wanted to work in a technology-related company in the San Francisco Bay area. CMC gave me every tool in the book, and my career coach was so invested in helping me find my ideal job and celebrated with me when I did.

I’ve never studied or worked harder, but this was the best use of 10 months I could possibly imagine. You will come out smarter, more confident in your skills and totally prepared to stand out in any industry you choose.

Danielle David

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Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Undergrad Major:
Learning & Organizational Change; School of Education


Photography, hiking, international travel, Certified Spinning Instructor

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Danielle David '14 Kellogg MSMS (Masters in Management) Alumni

Danielle David

"You will come out smarter, more confident in your skills and totally prepared to stand out in any industry you choose."
Stephanie Kim Kellogg MSMS (Masters in Management) Alumni

Mallory Harrington

"The amount of personalized attention, career guidance and support has been amazing. I don’t think I would have found my way to consulting without this program."
Corey Moss: Kellogg MSMS (Masters in Management) Alumni

Corey Moss

"Kellogg has excellent career services, and my coach was very invested in my future."

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November 7, 2022

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February 20, 2023

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