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Empower yourself for a lifetime

The Kellogg MiM program builds upon your undergraduate education by equipping you with a transformative skill set that will make an impact in the business world. Blending academic rigor with real-world practicality, the MiM program transforms accomplished students into well-rounded leaders who have the confidence and competitive edge to excel in any industry.

What you learn at Kellogg will empower you for a lifetime, not just on your first job, but throughout your entire professional career.

Global perspective

MiM students can participate in Kellogg’s unique Global Initiatives in Management (GIM) course. Students will travel to a country or region outside the U.S. to learn about that market’s key business trends, norms, challenges and successes.



The Kellogg MiM program will build upon your undergraduate education by adding core business management skills. MiM students work in groups, developing a keen appreciation for collaboration in academic and real-world settings. All students move through the program together, and while there are some seminar-style courses that will be taken as a cohort, there will be some flexibility to customize one's academic schedule based on past academic coursework and career aspirations. Course offerings differ slightly from year to year.

Past MiM courses include:

  • Accounting for Decision Making
  • Business Analytics
  • Leadership in Organizations
  • Finance I
  • Management Communications
  • Operations Management
  • Marketing Management
  • Business Strategy
  • Global Initiatives in Management
  • Finance II
  • Marketing Research
  • Analytical Decision Modeling
  • Negotiations
  • Managerial Accounting

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a Master of Management (MiM) and a Master of Business Administration (MBA)?

The Kellogg MiM is designed for students who have recently completed their undergraduate degree in a STEM, economics or liberal arts field and who have limited full-time work experience. If an applicant has more than two years of full-time work experience (excluding internships and summer jobs) by the enrollment date they are ineligible to apply. The curriculum does not assume significant work experience and offers broad exposure to management topics over one academic year.

Standard MBA programs require significant work experience (typically, four to six years) and take two years. An MBA curriculum builds off that work experience, and students have significant opportunities to specialize in different academic areas. The goal of an MBA degree is to prepare students for upper-level positions.

If I receive a Master in Management, would I be able to pursue an MBA at a later date?

Yes. Nothing precludes students who already hold a graduate degree from pursuing an MBA. In some cases, such students may be encouraged to consider a shorter program. After you gain your MSMS degree and enter the workforce, you can pair your degree with Kellogg's Full-Time One-Year program to earn your MBA. 

Do students in the Master in Management Program have flexibility in when they take classes?

Students in the program move through as a cohort. All students enroll at the same time, however, there will be some quarters in which there will be the ability to customize your curriculum.

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MiM application deadlines
Round 1: Oct. 30, 2023
Round 2: Jan. 16, 2024
Round 3: April 22, 2024