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Experience Kellogg through our previously recorded virtual events

Our library of previously recorded events allows you to dive deeper into life at Kellogg. Looking for tips about our application process? A breakdown of our innovate portfolio of Full-Time MBA programs? Or a snapshot of what it’s like to be a student at Kellogg? Browse our videos on these topics and more to get a better sense of the full Kellogg experience.

Get to know Kellogg's five Full-Time MBA programs

Looking into a Full-Time MBA? Hear from Kellogg students in each of our 5 programs --- One-Year, Two-Year, MMM, MBAi and JD-MBA --- and explore which one could be right for you.
A Kellogg student holding a clapperboard
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Preparing for the Kellogg Full-Time MBA application

Christy Heaton, Associate Director of Admissions, provides tips to help you prepare for applying to the Kellogg Full-Time MBA program. From which test to take to choosing the right MBA program for you, Christy explains what you should do even before you apply.
Christy Heaton, Associate Director of Admissions at Kellogg

Three key areas of the Kellogg Full-Time MBA program application

Gain insight into what Kellogg Admissions is looking for in the video essay, your interview and essay questions. Christy Heaton, Associate Director of Admissions, provides tips on the three main areas of the Kellogg Full-Time MBA program application.
An aerial view of the Kellogg MBA paper application

Telling your story on your Kellogg Full-Time MBA application

Christy Heaton, Associate Director of Admissions, provides tips on telling your story through the Kellogg Full-Time MBA application. Dive into the different aspects of the application and how you can utilize each section to tell a full and authentic story about yourself.
Srinivesh Thanukula, Class of 2021, speaking about the 1-year MBA program

One-Year MBA: build upon your experience and career goals

With a fast-tracked curriculum, Kellogg’s One-Year MBA program is designed to build upon career experience and goals so you can get back to the workforce quickly. Hear from Srinivesh Thanukula ’21 as he shares more about his experience in the program.
Jessica Daniel, Class of 2022, speaking about the 2-year MBA program

Why the Two-Year MBA Program was right for me

Hear from Jessica Daniel ’22 on how Kellogg's Two-Year MBA is helping her grow as a leader, pivot job functions or industries and find the right opportunities to get her where she wants to be in her career.
A student speaking about the MBAi program

The Kellogg MBAi Program overview

The Kellogg MBAi Program is the first of its kind, creating a new, approach for business leaders at the nexus of technology and science. Hear more about this joint program between Kellogg and the McCormick School of Engineering from one of our inaugural students.
A student talking about Kellogg's MMM program

MMM Program: business innovation through the lens of design thinking

If you're interested in creative and analytical thinking, Kellogg’s MMM curriculum provides the perfect blend of quantitative and qualitative experiences to prepare you to lead innovations across teams and organizations.
Brandan Matthews, Class of 2021, explaining why he chose the JD-MBA program

Why I chose the Kellogg JD-MBA Program – Brandan Matthews ’21

Bringing together business leadership and legal expertise, you'll gain an edge in the marketplace thanks to this dual degree from the Northwestern Pritzker School of Law and Kellogg's top MBA program in just 3 years.
Ask Me Anything featuring MMM student Rohan Bhatt, Class of 2022

Ask Me Anything: Kellogg MMM Program

MMM student Rohan Bhatt ’22 answers questions about why he chose his program, what it’s like recruiting in technology, and the application process.
Ashley Sonlin, Class of 2022, recalls her MBA experience

Kellogg Candids with Ashley Sonlin ’22

Get an inside look at the Kellogg Full-Time MBA experience with Ashley Sonlin ’22. From the classroom experience to student life activities and recruiting, Ashley reflects on her Kellogg experience.
A view of the Global Hub

Inside the Global Hub: academic spaces

Here's an inside look at the Global Hub, highlighting many of our academic-focused areas. We first opened the doors to the Global Hub back in March of 2017. The building creates an environment to shape courageous and collaborative leaders.
The interior of the Global Hub's café

Inside the Global Hub: community spaces

Want an inside look the Global Hub community spaces? Alex Blue ’21 leads a tour around the Global Hub, which first opened in March of 2017. The building represents everything that Kellogg stands for – an ethos of collaboration, grounded wisdom and pioneering vision.

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Full-Time MBA Application Deadlines

Round 1: Sept. 11, 2024
Round 2: Jan. 8, 2025
Round 3: April 2, 2025