A Family Experience

We strive to make your family feel a part of the Kellogg community. Nearly 40 percent of our students are married or accompanied by a partner, and thanks to clubs like Joint Ventures and Kellogg Kids, those family members are able to build their own memorable Kellogg experiences.

Joint Ventures (JV)

Joint Ventures is the official Kellogg club for the partners and families of Kellogg students.The JV Committee and its friendly volunteers can help your family transition to life at Kellogg and provide mutual support throughout your stay.

Spouses and partners (“JVs”) are invited to meet, share interests, take in a movie or explore Chicago together—they can even audit Kellogg classes. Activities include lunches and dinners, social and cultural events, help with job development and meaningful volunteer opportunities. JVs maintain a strong integration with the entire Kellogg community and hold joint activities with other clubs from time to time.

For more information about Joint Ventures
Check out the Joint Ventures Facebook page
Contact the JV Committee directly

Kellogg Kids

One of Kellogg’s unique opportunities is Kellogg Kids, an organization geared solely toward students’ families. Kellogg Kids is one of the most active clubs on campus and averages three activities per week, ranging from playgroups, birthday parties and music classes to field trips, holiday parties and Mom's nights out. Learn more about Kellogg Kids.

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The Inside Perspective

Joint Ventures

The JV Experience

Learn about the variety of opportunities available to Joint Ventures, the spouses and partners of Kellogg students.