Carlos Castillo

Carlos Castillo

“You have to understand cultures and be aware of nuances of those cultures. Being able to do that through school, in a safe environment … is the best training ground to try new approaches, take some risks and learn.”
A portrait of Santiago Loizaga, a one-year MBA student at Kellogg.

Santiago Loizaga

“The One-Year Program gave me the opportunity to live the full-time MBA experience, both in terms of access to great career opportunities and incredible personal experiences.”
A portrait of Cheng Li , a one-year MBA student at Kellogg.

Cheng Ji

“You can actually manage a multi-million dollar portfolio in the Asset Management Practicum. Every opportunity you take adds value and color to your Kellogg experience.”
A portrait of Narayanan Radhakrishnan, a one-year MBA student at Kellogg.

Narayanan Radhakrishan

“The academic opportunities at Kellogg have a strong combination of both breadth and depth, which allowed me to take a diverse set of courses and also focus on areas that were of particular interest to me.”
A portrait of Natalia Herrera, a one-year MBA student at Kellogg.

Natalia Herrera

“I never imagined I could do so much in a year.”
A portrait of Quentin Jadoul, a one-year MBA student at Kellogg.

Quentin Jadoul

“I decided on Kellogg because of the incredible, supportive culture.”
A portrait of Sarah Brindle, a one-year MBA student at Kellogg.

Sarah Brindle

“I was looking for an MBA experience that would develop my business acumen across functional areas and enhance my ability to work effectively with others.”
A portrait of Alex Sun, a one-year MBA student at Kellogg.

Alex Sun

“There is an understanding of leadership and collaboration here–you learn to consider business problems in cultural and social contexts, and how to strike a balance among multiple responsibilities.”

Application Deadlines

Round 1

September 15, 2021

Round 2

January 5, 2022

Round 3

April 6, 2022