MMM Curriculum

MMM Skills and Focus Areas MMM Offerings
User-Centered Design
Developing customer insights, personas, and journey maps through ethnographic research. Leading with empathy for customers and users, and gaining a deep understanding of customer needs.
Innovation & Ideation
Applying principles of innovation to ideas, products, business models, and always “thinking big”.
Cross-Functional Teamwork
Fostering communication among engineers and designers.
Innovation Effectiveness
Design Research
Business Innovation Labs
Innovation in Context
Prototyping Workshops
Mechatronics Workshop
CAD Software for 3D Modeling Workshop
Traditional MBA Skills
Honing leadership skills, strategic thinking, and business acumen.
Kellogg MBA Core Classes
Deeper Dive (MBA+)

Delve deeper into business management than the traditional MBA skills with advanced analytics to drive data-driven decisions for your organization.

Applied Advanced Analytics
Finance II (or ACF)
Advanced Operations Course
Visual and Verbal Communication Skills
Practicing effective storytelling and visualization techniques.
Whole Brain Communication
Digital Communication Design Workshop
Technical Familiarity
Diving into programming basics, AI, and more in hands-on lab courses.
Digital Design & Development
Wireframing Workshop
The MMM core curriculum is broken down into three parts: business courses, design innovation courses and business and design innovation courses. This structure leverages the strengths of the Kellogg, McCormick and Segal Design Institute faculty, and ultimately gives you a perspective that differentiates you from your competition. These classes are all MMM-exclusive courses.

Application Dates

Round 1

September 18, 2019

Round 2

January 8, 2020

Round 3

April 8, 2020