The Management Science major focuses on the application of analytical techniques, tools, and models across the school’s academic disciplines. Students will deepen expertise across disciplines by learning techniques that can be applied to the analysis of problems of business organization and performance.

This critical coursework will prepare students to both manage and direct analyses to improve decisions. Students who major in Management Science will be prepared for a wide range of careers including consulting, technology, finance, and entrepreneurship.

The Management Science major qualifies as a STEM-designated field of study. By earning this major, international students may qualify for optional practical training extensions to their F-1 visas. When approved, this can allow them to stay in the U.S. for up to three years after graduation if they work in Management Science–related fields.

Major requirements are determined by the quarter you began your Kellogg MBA program. Any new courses and adjustments to the major displayed in the most recent academic year can be applied to previously matriculated students.

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Summer 2019 - Spring 2020

A student must earn at least FOUR credits from the courses listed below to complete the major. No more than ONE course with the same subject area can be counted toward the major.

ACCT-431-0 Managerial Accounting
ACCT-451-0 Financial Reporting and Analysis
FINC-442-0 Financial Decisions
FINC-450-0 Capital Markets
FINC-465-0 Derivatives Markets
MECN-441-0 Competitive Strategy and Industrial Structure
MECN-446-0 Pricing Strategies
MECN-935-0 Making Business Decisions with Big Data
MKTG-450-0 Marketing Research and Analytics
MKTG-462-0 Retail Analytics and Pricing
MKTG-482-0 Customer Analytics and AI
MORS-455-0 Strategy Implementation
MORS-457-0 Social Dynamics & Network Analysis
OPNS-454-0 Strategic Decisions in Operations
OPNS-455-0 Supply Chain Management
STRT-440-0 People Analytics and Strategy
STRT-452-0 Strategy & Organization
Analytics for Strategy

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