Global MBA Experience

Build a Global Mindset

Our MBA curriculum prepares Full-Time MBA students to lead across borders in a global economy.

Kellogg’s global travel offerings introduce students to the culture and business environment of nearly 70 countries per year. While the takeaways might vary per program, the focus on collaboration, community building, exploration and individual and group ownership remain consistent through all experiences. Eighty-five percent of our Full-Time MBA students choose at least one global opportunity and 40 percent take advantage of multiple trips.

Whether it is the diversity of our faculty and student body, our international presence or the experiential learning opportunities we provide, Kellogg’s global offerings equip you to lead anyone, anywhere in the world.

Global Opportunities at Kellogg

Discover our portfolio of global programs.

Current Business Solutions

Full-Time MBA students can tap into experiential learning programs worldwide and partner with international companies to impact and drive business.

Global Initiatives in Management

More than 250 students per year elect to experience international markets in person after digging deep into a specific business sector in the classroom.

Full-Time Exchange Programs

Our Full-Time Exchange Program offers study abroad opportunities to nearly 80 students at 30 partner schools spanning 20 countries. It’s one of the largest exchange programs among business schools.

Global Lab

Bring your prior work experience, global exposure and academic research to this capstone class, where you will solve current business challenges by traveling in teams of 4–6. It is the ultimate way to make a global impact during your time at Kellogg.

Kellogg Worldwide Experience and Student Trips

The largest of Kellogg’s travel programs, KWEST is planned by students for students. Incoming students travel to nearly 40 countries under the leadership of second-years, creating an inclusive, open community outside of their comfort zones.