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Our esteemed faculty members are teachers, authors, researchers, consultants and experienced practitioners. They are experts in innovation, collaboration, entrepreneurship, organizational change and core business disciplines.

Faculty Expertise Across Disciplines
Like the students they teach, Kellogg faculty members represent an incredible set of diverse intellectual interests, international backgrounds and life experiences. They are at the forefront of their disciplines, grounded in the realities of business and management. They are also highly sought after as advisers to corporations and governments on some of the world’s toughest business and social issues.

Our faculty members write many of the textbooks that business students worldwide use in class, meaning that at Kellogg you will discuss the issues face to face with the authoritative source.

Most important, our faculty members are passionate teachers and wise mentors who make themselves accessible to students well beyond graduation. And like the unique culture they help shape, our faculty collaborate across departments to create insights that leaders need to grow their organizations.

Kellogg faculty members bring theory to life so you can apply it in yours.

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