Experiential Learning

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Make an Impact Beyond Four Walls

Experiential learning exposes you to the same challenges business leaders face every day. Working alongside faculty members, fellow students, alumni and corporate partners, you will use strategic management concepts to solve critical business issues through special projects, labs and courses. Choose from more than 1,000 experiential learning opportunities to find the one that speaks to you.

Courses & Labs

Kellogg Experiential Learning courses provide opportunities to practice hands-on skill building with varying levels of project immersion.

Choose the type of Experiential Learning that's right for you:


An extension of traditional classroom lectures and case studies, some of the classes below feature simulations that mirror the competitive landscape using actual market forces and conditions. Others use real-world exercises to encourage growth through mentorship and self-discovery.

Kellogg courses that feature a Simulation/Exercise:

Impact Investing and Sustainable Finance
FINC 946

Forging and Funding Healthcare Startups
HCAK 627

Personal Leadership Insights
LDEV 461-5

Leader as Coach
LDEV 462

Leading with Empathy
LDEV 965-5

Early Stage Impact Investing
SSIM 940

The Business of Social Change
SSIM 957-5

Self-Defined Project

Students have the opportunity to work on self-defined projects which help them put course learnings into practice.

Kellogg courses that feature a Self-Defined Project:

New Venture Discovery
ENTR 462

New Venture Development
ENTR 464

New Venture Launch
ENTR 466

Field Studies

NUVention: Medical Innovation I & II
HCAK 615 & HCAK 616

Independent Studies

Global Initiatives in Management (GIM)
INTL 473

Client Project

Students will partner with a real company to solve critical industry problems. In these courses, the client project is just one part of a traditional course – one that comprises other elements like exams, lectures, and assignments. The client project will help students put course learnings into practice and gives exposure to different functions, industries and companies.

Kellogg courses that feature a Client Project:

Commercializing Innovations
ENTR 958

Startup Branding
ENTR 973-5

Medical Technology Financing and Commercialization
HCAK 611

Ethnographic Customer Insights
MKTG 949

Social Innovation: Designing for Change
SSIM 452

Board Governance for Nonprofit Organizations
SSIM 453-5

Advanced Board Governance
SSIM 471-5

Sustainability Across the Enterprise
SSIM 636

 Medical Technologies in Global Public Health
SSIM 673-5

Health and Human Rights
SSIM 933

Strategic Leadership in the Nonprofit Sector
SSIM 950

Venture Equity
SSIM 962

Growth Strategy Practicum
STRT 615

Lab Course

Students will be fully-immersed in a client project, which may include on-site visits with clients and stakeholders. The course is entirely based around the client project where students will receive exposure to different functions, industries, and companies.

Kellogg courses that feature a Lab:

Asset Management Practicum
FINC 456, FINC 457 & FINC 458

Venture Lab
FINC 615

Private Equity Lab
FINC 639

Asset Management Lab
FINC 910

 Global Lab
INTL 615

Analytical Consulting Lab
MECN 615

Marketing Consulting Laboratory
MKTG 650

Real Estate Lab
REAL 616

Healthcare Strategy Consulting Lab
STRT 947

Super Bowl Ad Review

Super Bowl Ad Review

The biggest game in football doubles as the biggest night in advertising. Kellogg Marketing Club students, led by two of Kellogg’s most widely recognized marketing professors, grade the advertisements in real time.