Experiential Learning

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Make an Impact Beyond Four Walls

Experiential learning exposes you to the same challenges business leaders face every day. Working alongside faculty members, fellow students, alumni and corporate partners, you’ll use strategic management concepts to solve critical business issues through special projects, labs and courses. Choose from more than 1,000 experiential learning opportunities to find the one that speaks to you.

Courses & Labs


Analytical Consulting Lab

Analytical Consulting Lab (ACL) offers students the chance to work with actual company data, developing meaningful analytical models for managerial decision-making, and presenting results and recommendations to company executives. Projects focus on developing economic models for decision-making, developing analytical processes, and using big data and analytics for improved enterprise decisions.

Asset Management Practicum

This highly specialized course sequence allows students to manage a portfolio, including the school's endowment. Students rotate across roles, such as industry analysts, traders and portfolio managers and take guidance directly from prominent alumni on Wall Street.

Asset Management Lab

Asset Management Lab is an experiential learning course that allows Kellogg students the opportunity to be placed in a quarter-long internship with a local or national asset management firm. Participants will be exposed to the day-to-day working life of the fund, and will assist with their deal selection, due diligence, and/or investment efforts. Enrollment in the course is by application only.

Education Consulting Lab

The Education Consulting Lab class provides students interested in consulting, the education sector or both the opportunity to work with school districts, charter school networks, and other educational organizations on projects of strategic importance to the schools and organizations. Teams of 3-5 students work with senior administrators at the schools and organizations to agree upon project scope, objectives, and analytical approaches. Student teams work independently to conduct research, data analysis, and interviews (as appropriate). Periodically during the quarter, the class meets as a whole to work with the instructor and invited experts in the field. At the end of the quarter, teams present their findings and recommendations to senior leaders at the schools and organizations.

Global Initiatives in Management (GIM)

Global Initiatives in Management (GIM) is an international experiential learning course designed to provide students with an introduction to the unique business opportunities, management practices and market dynamics of a specific region or global industry. The course combines in-class lectures, reading discussions and case studies during the winter quarter with ten days of international field research over spring break. Immersed in the culture and language of their host countries, students will have the opportunity to meet with local business and government leaders, conduct interviews and collect data for their group research projects, and experience some of the unique social and cultural facets of the region. Final presentations and written research reports are due in spring quarter after completion of the overseas portion of the class. Each class section is taught by a faculty member with deep knowledge of the region or industry and supported by an advisor from the Kellogg staff who assists students in planning the field experience.

Global Lab

Kellogg’s Global Lab (G-Lab) offers students a unique opportunity to work one-on-one with an international company to help solve a pressing business or management challenge. This twelve-week experiential learning course blends traditional classroom learning with real-world problem solving, teamwork, and client service. Working closely with the faculty advisor, teams of four students spend the first ten weeks on-campus conducting research, analysis, and interviews in line with the work plan they develop with their clients. After a mid-term progress review and completing their on-campus activities, the teams travel to the client sites to spend the final two weeks completing their research, presenting final recommendations, and working with management on implementation plans.

Golub Capital Board Fellows Program

This student-led program pairs participants with Chicago-area nonprofits to serve on their board of directors, actively contributing to the organizations for 14 months. (This course is not available to One-Year MBA Program students.)

Growth Strategy Practicum

The Growth Strategy Practicum course is targeted at students who wish to develop their business execution skills by working on a real-life project with a growth-stage enterprise, putting their knowledge and skills to work to benefit an existing business. The course will be especially beneficial to students who aspire to:

  • Join a fast-growing enterprise in a senior management role
  • Acquire an existing business with a view toward rapid enterprise value growth
  • Execute growth initiatives in the context of a family-owned business.

Student teams will be assigned to strategically-important projects with Chicago-area companies and will work with guidance from faculty and selected mentors.

Healthcare Strategy Consulting Lab

This ten-week experiential learning HC-Lab emphasizes real-world problem solving on a wide range of unique challenges - from marketing to operations, and digital health to care coordination. Your team of 4-5 students work directly with senior leaders at your client, and class time is designed to build on your strategy while offering everyone insights into each project so you can see how the health care value chain currently operates. Client sectors span across the health care industry and will likely include pharmaceuticals, medical products/devices, providers, payers, digital health applications and more. The final deliverable is a presentation with recommendations to the client. The HC-Lab lets you delve into the nitty-gritty of this complex industry and make recommendations on how to create and capture value for your client.

New Venture Course Series

The New Venture course series allows students with pre-articulated business concepts to design and develop a launch plan.

New Venture Discovery
New Venture Development
New Venture Launch

Private Equity & Venture Labs

Private Equity Lab and Venture Lab help place students at quarter-long internships with leading organizations. Private Equity Lab provides hands-on experience with private equity firms, while Venture Lab offers exposure to venture capital firms.


Real Estate Lab

Real Estate Lab is an experiential learning course that allows Kellogg students the opportunity to participate in a quarter-long project, working in a research and advisory role on a real estate project for a sponsor firm or organization. Participants will be exposed to a project related to an investment, development, public policy, or another real estate question. Enrollment in the course is by application only.

Real Estate Lab-Practicum (offered in Winter quarter) is an experiential learning course that allows Kellogg students the opportunity to be placed in a quarter-long internship with a local or national real estate firm. Participants will be exposed to the day-to-day working life of the firm, and will assist with their asset selection, due diligence, development, financing or investment efforts. Enrollment in the course is by application only.
Super Bowl Ad Review

Super Bowl Ad Review

The biggest game in football doubles as the biggest night in advertising. Kellogg Marketing Club students, led by two of Kellogg’s most widely recognized marketing professors, grade the advertisements in real time.