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Embrace Kellogg’s dedication to lifelong learning by auditing Executive MBA courses

Be inspired: electives

Kellogg's Executive MBA (EMBA) offers available seats in elective or core and advanced courses to audit as an alumnus. The most popular courses to audit are elective courses and space for EMBA alumni auditors is allocated on an annual basis by means of a poll. The elective courses available each year will be listed below on this site and will be updated each year. Due to high demand for elective auditing, receiving a seat is not guaranteed and is subject to availability.

Refresh on the basics: core and advanced

Keep up with current business trends or refresh your skills through core and advanced courses with current students in the program. Courses are available to audit on both the Evanston and Miami campuses throughout the year. The courses are listed at the Executive MBA website. Please reach out to EMBA Global Engagement to request to audit a core or advanced course.

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Auditor Registration

Executive MBA Alumni are welcome to audit EMBA courses, but registration is subject to availability. Auditor enrollment is managed by EMBA Global Engagement in conjunction with the Kellogg Registrar's Office.

If you audit a course, please only attend a course where you have been confirmed a place as an auditor and appear on the class roster. Even if you see a classroom with empty chairs, you are not permitted to sit in on the class unless you are formally enrolled as an auditor.


  • Core and Advanced courses can be audited on an individual, one-off basis. The courses are listed at the Executive MBA website. Please reach out to EMBA Global Engagement to request to audit a core or advanced course. Any audit of these courses is subject to faculty approval.
  • EMBA Elective courses with space available for alumni auditors will be sent as seat capacities are confirmed. Alumni may register for Elective courses by completing the EMBA Alumni Elective Enrollment Poll.
  • Registration Holds: Any outstanding registration holds must be cleared before alumni can be allowed to return to audit — this includes meeting COVID-19 vaccination requirements and agreeing to the COVID-19 safety attestation.
  • We request a $100 tax-deductible donation to the EMBA Annual Fund for all alumni auditors to partially cover costs of the course materials, meals and future lifelong learning benefits.

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Course Materials

Upon successful registration of your class(es), further details will be sent directly to you about any course materials used in your class.

As an alumni auditor you are not required to do any of the reading, and you will not turn in assignments, as you don’t receive credit for the course.

Please note not all elective courses have textbooks and/or course packets.

Course packets

If you are registered in a class that uses a course packet, the course packet will be provided to you in an electronic format. We will also grant you access to the Canvas course management site. Canvas access will be granted by the first day of class.


You will not be provided with a textbook. The EMBA Office does not have textbooks available for sale, but can provide you with the book title, author and ISBN number. You should be able to purchase the book via We suggest attending the class before you purchase the book. Occasionally, you will find that it isn’t necessary to make the investment.

EMBA elective courses available for EMBA alumni auditing

2023–2024 academic year

All elective auditing seats for the 2023-2024 academic year have been filled.  

If you have any questions about EMBA Alumni auditing, please email

Contact us about the Executive MBA Program at Kellogg

Chicago and Miami Application Deadlines

January 24, 2024

April 3, 2024

June 5, 2024*

August 14, 2024

October 2, 2024**


  * Last deadline to apply for Fall 2024 start
** Last deadline to apply for Winter 2025 start