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Requirements and benefits of sponsorship

As a rigorous program for advanced working professionals, the Executive MBA Program requires a significant commitment from students and their employers. To help position you for success, Kellogg requires you to obtain time sponsorship from your company for the duration of the program. Financial sponsorship is not required.

We encourage you to build a comprehensive sponsorship proposal to share with your employer. And to help you in these efforts, we’ve developed a customizable sponsorship proposal for you to make your own and build a case that's specific to your — and your employer's — needs.

Whether you're a student or an employer, here's what you need to know before you begin the sponsorship process.

Sponsorship FAQ

What is time sponsorship?

While the Executive MBA Program is specifically designed to meet the schedule of a busy executive, the average student is in class for two or more workdays per month. Time sponsorship is an agreement between an employee and employer that acknowledges and approves of this time commitment without the employee needing to use personal time off.

Is time sponsorship required?

Yes. Employees are required to secure time sponsorship from their employers as part of the application process. Time sponsorship must be documented in a sponsorship letter prepared on company letterhead and signed by someone at the organization with the authority to grant the time off. See sample letters in the teal sidebar for inspiration.

Is financial sponsorship required?

No. While a Kellogg MBA is a worthwhile investment for an organization, we do not require financial sponsorship as part of the application process. However, if you wish to procure financial sponsorship from your employer, please consider this customizable proposal as well as the sample financial and time sponsorship letter in the teal sidebar.

What percent of students receive financial sponsorship?

Recent class data indicates that approximately one-fourth of all applicants are fully sponsored, with others partially or non-sponsored (self-funded).

For applicants

When you apply to Kellogg, you must supply a sponsorship letter from your company indicating that you will be sponsored for your time away from work. You are not required to obtain financial sponsorship from your company, although many applicants receive some form of support.

For employers

Sponsoring an employee for the Kellogg Executive MBA Program is a worthwhile investment for your company. Learn more about program benefits, sponsorship requirements and how to reap the greatest rewards from your employee’s education.

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Evanston and Miami Application Deadlines

January 24, 2024

April 3, 2024

June 5, 2024*

August 14, 2024

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